Thursday, 16 August 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Face masks ,WEEK ONE: Deep Cleansing Blemish Mud mask -

Hi guys,I have recently been sent the four week regime for the summer month by a face mask company called Montagne Jeunesse.I absolutely LOVE the different flavours that Montagne Jeunesse make in their face masks and they always leave me feeling relaxed and like I have really healthy skin .So here's a bit about the companny-
  • All Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be purchased and are available nationwide at Stores such as Asda ,Superdrug,Tesco,New Look and Morrisons.
  • All of their products are vegatarian approved,made from natural ingredients and are Paraben-free.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is proud of it's uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for "conservation of energy,protection of animals and the environment
Now for those of you that have no idea what Paraben is ,I went ahead and did a little research for you.
Many companies nowadays use Parabens to preserve their products ,using these Parabens help reduce bacteria and fungus therefore the products can be used for a longer period. Paraben is  a chemical so It can be harmful to your body.
So Montagne Jeunesse DOES NOT use Parabens in any of their products , meaning these face masks are really healthy and  safe to use.

 This review is on the first week's face mask and it is called the "Deep Cleansing Blemish Mud mask ".This contains Aloe Vera juice for Blemish prone skin and Willow.Now this mask probably didn't have the nicest of smells,it kind of smelled refreshing and cleansing but it obviously didn't smell fruity or anything sweet.The colour of the mask was a very creamy/green kind of colour.And when I was applying it ,it was so soothing and refreshing to my skin .It didn't make my skin feel irritated or go red.

After around fifteen minutes when I removed the mask my skin felt soft but kind of dried out in my spot areas.I felt like I had combination skin.But after thinking about it I realised that maybe it was a good thing that my spots were being dried out because I've heard that you can get special face washes for acne that dry out spots.

So I wouldn't say it got rid of any blemishes, that would be pretty cool seen as I have terrible acne.However it did  help unclog my pores and get rid of almost all of my black heads,there's still a few resilient ones left that can hopefully be removed with next weeks "Cooling Cucumber peel off mask " .I also found that this mask left my face glowing the next day ,  especially my T-ZONE ,it wasn't too shiny nor too matte .This mask costs £1.09(RRP) and if you would like to purchase it or any other face masks  from the website then click the link. would thoroughly recommend using this face mask as a regular routine to maintain healthy skin as it has left me with great results.


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