Sunday, 12 August 2012

Love Beauty Luxury Bath Mit -Exfoliating glove

Hi guys, this post is on the Love beauty Luxury Bath Mit.I guess we all need one of these for when we exfoliate .It's become a necessity for most people to effoliate at least once a week.And the idea is that it gets rid of dead skin cells and this will reduce build up in the pores.Which can help reduce spots and blemishes.Even on the body this is the case .However by exfoiating the body you can also  achieve  soft and smooth looking skin .
So these mits can be purchased in the Ecottols collection at Boots for around £4 and I know you can get really cheap ones from Tesco or Asda.They're actually quite soft compared to the exfoliating scrubbing gloves and they're much bigger and padded .Therefore easier to handle.

The way I use this is I just get any body soap or gel and use the mit to rub on to my body.I rub in circular motions and quite vigorously so I know I'm shedding those dead skin cells.After you've done this your skin may feel a little rough so you're going to  need to moisturise.I find using baby oil at this point helps to maintain softness but any moisturiser will do.

Hopefully after a few once a week sessions your skin will be feeling and looking soft , smooth and supple .I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these Handy little gloves for yourself as they are really helpful.

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