Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Duac Once Daily Gel

Hi guys, it's been a while ,I think my Laptop is reaching it's final days now -cries-.
Well anyway this review is going to be on my Number 1 product this month.This is the Duac Once daily gel  that I was prescribed by my skin specialist.Now for those of you that may not know I have a very mild case of acne that used to be a lot worse but from time to time it takes it's toll on my face.I also have some mega embarrassing Bacne too so If you would like to know more about what I did to get my acne from severe to mild read my acne page from the homepage.Anyway as well as taking tablets which is what you'll probably need to get rid of the acne properly is a cream or gel that fades and prevents scarring.(ask a skin specialist or doctor first )
One of the best creams they recommend is Duac and a friend actually recommended this to me as her mum and dad are both doctors so I decided to try it .Of course my doctor was happy to supply it for me as she could see the acne and scarring was upsetting me  and needed sorting out.
Now this cream isn't just a  fluke or a waste of money , it does work, there's no catch whatsoever .It works hundred percent so you won't be cheated.

The main ingredient to curing and preventing acne is Benzoyl Peroxide as I'm sure a lot of you will have heard, this also contains Clindamycin and Anhydrous -I'm not too sure what roles they play !Well anyway the idea is you use this once daily till the moderate or mild acne had cleared up and the scarring has faded from both your back and face or until your course has ended.Now this isn't a miracle worker but it will help I promise .All these things take time and you won't regret a thing.

I did use this cream about a year ago but I think I stopped taking the antibiotics too so my acne kind of came back which sucked :( But anyway I can see the difference and can notice the redness of my cheeks and my has gone and my spots are going down but I know from past experience they will all go .
So overall I would definitely recommend speaking to your doctor or skin specialist  and trying this if you have mild or moderate acne .And if you have severe acne then make sure to go because you can actually be helped more easily than you'd think !


  1. Hi Iqraa I found your blog really interesting and helpful.I have mild acne since I was 15 now I am 28 the matter in fact I have PCOS(poly-cystic ovary syndrom), which one of its symptom is Acne ,I try everything over the counter and spend hundreds and hundreds pound on scrubs,soaps and creams none of them seem to work for me .I have healthy life style and average weight, I exercise 5 times a week and think that not the problem . Now I been prescribe Duac once daily gel by my GP I use it now almost 4 weeks and didn't see any change what really frustrating me is am going to get married in 2 month time and feel so down that my skin not clearing up till then.I know this is a bit early to find out the result probably have to wait more 4 weeks to see a difference.what do you think how long it take for you to see basic difference.
    Bilen xxx

    1. Hi Bilen , i hope all the wedding preperations are going well!I have been taking duac for nearly a year now. And my skin has cleared up loads however at the same time I am taking medication for it .See if your GP is able to give you some Tetracycline , limocycline .I think the quickest and most effective is the Dianette pill for acne , but it is also a contraceptive.I think it cleared up my moderate acne in about six months , which I know is a long time and unfortunately your wedding is only two months away.Howeveeer if you continue to use the duac daily and start taking the medication now the acne willhopefully deteriate to some extent. And remember your weding is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life , dont let something as small as your acen ruin it. Acne won;t last forever ,whereas the memories of that day will.If you dont enjoy it , who counts ?
      Hope that helped ! E-mail me if you need any more treatments that have worked for me !
      Iqraa xxx

  2. Thankyou Iqraa it really helped me.After using the duac gel for 5weeks see some significant change but still far from flawless skin , have doubt it gone work in lessthan 4weeks but am not a quitter will fight yo the and. About the Diantee I ask my Gp to prescribe me but she told me they are no longer prescribe because of the health risk and the side effect .Is there any other option or suggestion you recommend will be appreciated.Thankyou Bilen xxx

    1. That's great , it won't take too long and hopefully the duac will work on your skin.I thought that would be the case with the diantete as it was a big health risk , ask your GP if you would be able to be prescribed lymacycline or tetracycline as this really helped for me too ,let me know how you get on ,and on;t give up ! xxx

  3. Its a wrost product for me....As it is useless


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