Friday, 24 August 2012

Crystal Clear Illuminate

Hi guys,this post is on a product called Crystal Clear Illuminate.I've had this product for ages but never actually used it so I tried it a couple of days ago ,have been using it since and this is what I thought!
The bottles really pretty,it actually looks very "illuminating " < this word reminds me of when they say "Lumos" in Harry Potter ,I'm sure you can imagine why but what you probably can't imagine is why all these random thoughts come to my mind when I'm doing  post !Anyway,I really like the packaging.

The smell I thought was Ok ,it's not overpowering or anything I just didn't like it.At first I thought It was a citrussy kind of scent but then the smell started to give me a but of a headache and it wasn't too citrusssy after all.But the smell doesn't linger for long anyway.

The three ideas of this product are that this product is meant to Brighten,hydrate and restore the skin so there's quite a lot packed in this 50ml bottle.It made my skin feel smooth and very soft ,it's warmed my skin up a bit which is kind of wierd ,I'm not too sure if I like this sensation but I'll leave it to ponder in your mind what it feels like.My skin doesn't look clear like it said,but I wouldn't count on a illuminating serum to clear up the skin anyway , but it has illuminated my skin,my skin is generally quite glowy and bright looking.I'm actually quite impressed with how it's brightened my T-zone area really well.
So I'm going to give this product four and a half stars out of five.For £60 this is pretty pricey stuff .Though I'm not seeing the work of this product it does work better on my mum seen  as her skin is a little dull and it helps as an anti wrinkle and helps to diminish dark circles whilst making the skin look more revitalized.So I would definitely recommend this product to those of you that want to liven up your skin a bit.You can get this from Crystal Clear.

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