Friday, 3 August 2012

Bobbypin by JF Mini eye collection palette and nude lip gloss

Hi guys sorry for the lack of regular posting been feeling rubbish lately !Anyway would just like to say a quick thank you to all my viewers ,you mean a lot to me !;)
Now lets get to the products !
Today's posts are on two "Bobbypin" products by JF.I think Bobbypin is generally a very  girly and not really my "forte" but I thought I'd do a review on them anyway.

The first review is on The Lip Gloss Nude .To be honest with you Im not all that into lip glosses anymore now that lip sticks are in.However I do like the nude almost natural colour.

This lip gloss has a really nice sheen to it but  doesn't suit me as I have a darker skin tone.It's a tiny bit sticky  and doesn't have any scent to it.It looks great as a second coat to a lipstick.

Overall this lip gloss isn't anything special so I would just give it three stars out of a possible five.

The next product is one of my favourite things I have purchased this month. It is the Bobbypin ,Mini eye collection palette.This consists of 9 natural and everyday use shades.

It doesn't have any orange or bright blue as you can see it only has the colours that look really pretty and the ones you will mostly need.This palette is really lightweight and small so is easy to carry with you everywhere.It gets a lot of use from me as you can work the colours in to look more fancy or just really natural .The colours really go well together,so you can blend and mix.

I probably use the black ,grey and white the most for a smokey eye effect .The black shade is my favourite as it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it .I've noticed that the eye shadow hasn't exactly come off or faded so it is long lasting.(with a good primer)

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