Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Betrousse Summer Break Beauty Box Review

Hi guys .Today's review is going to be on the Summer break beauty box that I got sent  by a company called Betrousse.

Betrousse Beauty Partners are a french beauty company that supply  boxes regularly that have all your beauty needs inside.They have five full size products that they give you at a massively reduced price.
The great thing about this company is that you don't have to subscribe to them or have to get their boxes regularly , you can just go on to the website and purchase the boxes when you feel like it.
You can also see what the products look like before you buy them so you'll know whether this is the box for you or not.

This paticular box has products inside that make it worth £109 but you are actually getting it at an amazing price of £19 .Oh and by the way shipping is £5.So I guess if the amazing drop of price hasn't swayed you to buy them then I'm sure the actual contents of the box will.

The first product is the Lilas Blanc Anti-wrinkle Day skincare cream.This price of this is £36.50.It's quite a big tub which holds 50ml of cream.It smells quite nice but this probably won't be used from me as I don't necessarily need to start using anti wrinkle cream yet.I'll give it to my mum and see what she thinks about it.

The next product is the Orhis Nourishing face cream .Another face cream ! Personally I really like how there's two face creams as I wasn't really going to be using the anti wrinkle one .This is another 50ml bottle that costs £28.This moisturiser is meant to be suitable for all skin types and the idea is that it Repairs,nourishes and protects.This contains Cottonseed ,which is ideal for dry and damaged skin .It soothes, revitalizes ,regenerates and repairs the skin leaving it silky to the touch.It also contains Argon Oil which is rich in Vitamin E (good for anti aging again )It also nourishes the skin and helps diminish wrinkles.One of the other things this ingredient does which sounds great is that it reduces inflammation , so redness and big gigantic spots -which would be great for my acne prone skin !This also contains no Parabens so it's very safe and gentle to your skin.

One of my favorite products is The Cinq Mondes Rose Petal rain Mist .This is a 200ml bottle that costs £28.This is a Softening Body beauty lotion and has a very clean , refreshing ,unique scent.Roses don't tend to smell sweet so neither does this scent but what I love about it is that it sprays out like some sort of body spray and even moisturises at the same time.I just think it's really different and a nice touch to this beauty box.

The next product is more of an accessory to me then a product.This is the Cosmetooo Nails Nail Art kit Express.With this you get a packet of stickers that look like a bow and then  1 bag of  rhinestones and a stick of boxwood.It all costs £3.90.I don't really think I'll be using this ,but who knows .I guess I'm not one for decorating my nails , I haven't really got steady hands  nor the patience !

The last product is the Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face cream .Ok so there's another face cream which is a tiny bit annoying !This is a 30ml bottle for £12 .I think the packaging looks nice .I actually thought this was going to have a sweet berry scent but no it actually has a really subtle fragrance.This moisturiser is actually designed for young girls and boys and I think that's great because our skin is quite vulnerable at this age and a lot of products aren't really helping maintain our skin health.This says that by using this product your skin will be mattified,purified,soothed and balanced.
So overall I think with these Betrousse Boxes they're  deffinitely worth the price and also its just great to know that you'll be getting a box full of full sized products at an amazing price too. You sometimes find that you also get given some extra samples like the Coslys Gel that I got in this box but the other five products will always be full size .If you would like to get your own Betrousse Beauty box then click the link to take you there as I would thoroughly recommend it. http://betrousse.co.uk/

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  1. The Orhis Nourishing face cream really interests me


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