Friday, 3 August 2012

Beautique Flipstick Lip Gloss

Hi guys ,this post is on one of my most recent purchases and it is the Beautique Flipstick lip gloss.There are five shades in this collection and this review is on the Orange gloss.I really like this product as it isn't just one side lip stick and the other glossy.

Both sides are lip gloss but one side is matte and the other shiny.So there's no actual weight on the lips and no dryness.It's not sticky at all and the 1st bases colour is really vibrant.

The base colour is a very bright,vibrant reddy-orange colour and its quite matte and dramatic looking.The 2nd side is a transparent shiny ,sheeny gloss with a tiny tint of orange.

It makes the look quite girly and you can wear both of these separately too !The brushes are just standard lip gloss brushes and he lip gloss doesn't come on too heavy .I would definitely recommend purchasing a flipstick of your own as they are perfect and quick to apply what ever the time .

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