Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2True true colour blusher

Hi guys,this post is on the 2true true colour  Blusher .I don't usually like blusher.I notice that as blusher defines your cheekbones and cheeks it also defines your spots despite the fact you have foundation on.But I know that just wearing foundation is a bit bland and washed out .At the moment 2true's products are all £1.99 or 3 for £4.99 which obviously is a great deal.It's not like the products are of bad quality either.I recently have been using the 2true kohl easy glide pencil (eye liner) if you would like a review click here.

This blusher only had two shades at the time so it was  easy to choose from which one you need.I already had a  pinkier blusher so I thought I thought I would purchase the darker shade.This shade has a slight pink but also a rusted more brown kind of look .I found that this particular shade suits more tanned skin types.I wouldn't use it if you were quite pale as it will come across as quite dark and too dramatic.The blusher was good for me as it didn't make a complete difference to my cheeks .

Because of my tanned skin colour it gave my cheeks a slight pop of colour which made my cheeks look warmer .I just didn't like how the blusher was very glittery once applied and that you only get a small amount of blusher.You can purchase these from Superdrug.
Overall this product deserves four stars out of five.

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