Friday, 24 August 2012

Betrousse Summer Break beauty kit GIVEAWAY

Hi guys,today I have a really exciting post for you !I am giving away the Betrousse Summer Break beauty kit that I reviewed only a couple of days ago.If you would like to see what is included see my review HERE.

Unfortunately this givewaway is for the UK ONLY AND IT'S NOT INCLUDING IRELAND.So sorry to my international viewers .
You MUST comment with your e-mail,Like Betrousse uk on Facebook and Follow my blog via GFC.
The Giveaway will end the !/10/12
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Good luck guys ! <3
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Crystal Clear Illuminate

Hi guys,this post is on a product called Crystal Clear Illuminate.I've had this product for ages but never actually used it so I tried it a couple of days ago ,have been using it since and this is what I thought!
The bottles really pretty,it actually looks very "illuminating " < this word reminds me of when they say "Lumos" in Harry Potter ,I'm sure you can imagine why but what you probably can't imagine is why all these random thoughts come to my mind when I'm doing  post !Anyway,I really like the packaging.

The smell I thought was Ok ,it's not overpowering or anything I just didn't like it.At first I thought It was a citrussy kind of scent but then the smell started to give me a but of a headache and it wasn't too citrusssy after all.But the smell doesn't linger for long anyway.

The three ideas of this product are that this product is meant to Brighten,hydrate and restore the skin so there's quite a lot packed in this 50ml bottle.It made my skin feel smooth and very soft ,it's warmed my skin up a bit which is kind of wierd ,I'm not too sure if I like this sensation but I'll leave it to ponder in your mind what it feels like.My skin doesn't look clear like it said,but I wouldn't count on a illuminating serum to clear up the skin anyway , but it has illuminated my skin,my skin is generally quite glowy and bright looking.I'm actually quite impressed with how it's brightened my T-zone area really well.
So I'm going to give this product four and a half stars out of five.For £60 this is pretty pricey stuff .Though I'm not seeing the work of this product it does work better on my mum seen  as her skin is a little dull and it helps as an anti wrinkle and helps to diminish dark circles whilst making the skin look more revitalized.So I would definitely recommend this product to those of you that want to liven up your skin a bit.You can get this from Crystal Clear.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Betrousse Summer Break Beauty Box Review

Hi guys .Today's review is going to be on the Summer break beauty box that I got sent  by a company called Betrousse.

Betrousse Beauty Partners are a french beauty company that supply  boxes regularly that have all your beauty needs inside.They have five full size products that they give you at a massively reduced price.
The great thing about this company is that you don't have to subscribe to them or have to get their boxes regularly , you can just go on to the website and purchase the boxes when you feel like it.
You can also see what the products look like before you buy them so you'll know whether this is the box for you or not.

This paticular box has products inside that make it worth £109 but you are actually getting it at an amazing price of £19 .Oh and by the way shipping is £5.So I guess if the amazing drop of price hasn't swayed you to buy them then I'm sure the actual contents of the box will.

The first product is the Lilas Blanc Anti-wrinkle Day skincare cream.This price of this is £36.50.It's quite a big tub which holds 50ml of cream.It smells quite nice but this probably won't be used from me as I don't necessarily need to start using anti wrinkle cream yet.I'll give it to my mum and see what she thinks about it.

The next product is the Orhis Nourishing face cream .Another face cream ! Personally I really like how there's two face creams as I wasn't really going to be using the anti wrinkle one .This is another 50ml bottle that costs £28.This moisturiser is meant to be suitable for all skin types and the idea is that it Repairs,nourishes and protects.This contains Cottonseed ,which is ideal for dry and damaged skin .It soothes, revitalizes ,regenerates and repairs the skin leaving it silky to the touch.It also contains Argon Oil which is rich in Vitamin E (good for anti aging again )It also nourishes the skin and helps diminish wrinkles.One of the other things this ingredient does which sounds great is that it reduces inflammation , so redness and big gigantic spots -which would be great for my acne prone skin !This also contains no Parabens so it's very safe and gentle to your skin.

One of my favorite products is The Cinq Mondes Rose Petal rain Mist .This is a 200ml bottle that costs £28.This is a Softening Body beauty lotion and has a very clean , refreshing ,unique scent.Roses don't tend to smell sweet so neither does this scent but what I love about it is that it sprays out like some sort of body spray and even moisturises at the same time.I just think it's really different and a nice touch to this beauty box.

The next product is more of an accessory to me then a product.This is the Cosmetooo Nails Nail Art kit Express.With this you get a packet of stickers that look like a bow and then  1 bag of  rhinestones and a stick of boxwood.It all costs £3.90.I don't really think I'll be using this ,but who knows .I guess I'm not one for decorating my nails , I haven't really got steady hands  nor the patience !

The last product is the Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face cream .Ok so there's another face cream which is a tiny bit annoying !This is a 30ml bottle for £12 .I think the packaging looks nice .I actually thought this was going to have a sweet berry scent but no it actually has a really subtle fragrance.This moisturiser is actually designed for young girls and boys and I think that's great because our skin is quite vulnerable at this age and a lot of products aren't really helping maintain our skin health.This says that by using this product your skin will be mattified,purified,soothed and balanced.
So overall I think with these Betrousse Boxes they're  deffinitely worth the price and also its just great to know that you'll be getting a box full of full sized products at an amazing price too. You sometimes find that you also get given some extra samples like the Coslys Gel that I got in this box but the other five products will always be full size .If you would like to get your own Betrousse Beauty box then click the link to take you there as I would thoroughly recommend it.

Duac Once Daily Gel

Hi guys, it's been a while ,I think my Laptop is reaching it's final days now -cries-.
Well anyway this review is going to be on my Number 1 product this month.This is the Duac Once daily gel  that I was prescribed by my skin specialist.Now for those of you that may not know I have a very mild case of acne that used to be a lot worse but from time to time it takes it's toll on my face.I also have some mega embarrassing Bacne too so If you would like to know more about what I did to get my acne from severe to mild read my acne page from the homepage.Anyway as well as taking tablets which is what you'll probably need to get rid of the acne properly is a cream or gel that fades and prevents scarring.(ask a skin specialist or doctor first )
One of the best creams they recommend is Duac and a friend actually recommended this to me as her mum and dad are both doctors so I decided to try it .Of course my doctor was happy to supply it for me as she could see the acne and scarring was upsetting me  and needed sorting out.
Now this cream isn't just a  fluke or a waste of money , it does work, there's no catch whatsoever .It works hundred percent so you won't be cheated.

The main ingredient to curing and preventing acne is Benzoyl Peroxide as I'm sure a lot of you will have heard, this also contains Clindamycin and Anhydrous -I'm not too sure what roles they play !Well anyway the idea is you use this once daily till the moderate or mild acne had cleared up and the scarring has faded from both your back and face or until your course has ended.Now this isn't a miracle worker but it will help I promise .All these things take time and you won't regret a thing.

I did use this cream about a year ago but I think I stopped taking the antibiotics too so my acne kind of came back which sucked :( But anyway I can see the difference and can notice the redness of my cheeks and my has gone and my spots are going down but I know from past experience they will all go .
So overall I would definitely recommend speaking to your doctor or skin specialist  and trying this if you have mild or moderate acne .And if you have severe acne then make sure to go because you can actually be helped more easily than you'd think !

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Face masks ,WEEK ONE: Deep Cleansing Blemish Mud mask -

Hi guys,I have recently been sent the four week regime for the summer month by a face mask company called Montagne Jeunesse.I absolutely LOVE the different flavours that Montagne Jeunesse make in their face masks and they always leave me feeling relaxed and like I have really healthy skin .So here's a bit about the companny-
  • All Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be purchased and are available nationwide at Stores such as Asda ,Superdrug,Tesco,New Look and Morrisons.
  • All of their products are vegatarian approved,made from natural ingredients and are Paraben-free.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is proud of it's uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for "conservation of energy,protection of animals and the environment
Now for those of you that have no idea what Paraben is ,I went ahead and did a little research for you.
Many companies nowadays use Parabens to preserve their products ,using these Parabens help reduce bacteria and fungus therefore the products can be used for a longer period. Paraben is  a chemical so It can be harmful to your body.
So Montagne Jeunesse DOES NOT use Parabens in any of their products , meaning these face masks are really healthy and  safe to use.

 This review is on the first week's face mask and it is called the "Deep Cleansing Blemish Mud mask ".This contains Aloe Vera juice for Blemish prone skin and Willow.Now this mask probably didn't have the nicest of smells,it kind of smelled refreshing and cleansing but it obviously didn't smell fruity or anything sweet.The colour of the mask was a very creamy/green kind of colour.And when I was applying it ,it was so soothing and refreshing to my skin .It didn't make my skin feel irritated or go red.

After around fifteen minutes when I removed the mask my skin felt soft but kind of dried out in my spot areas.I felt like I had combination skin.But after thinking about it I realised that maybe it was a good thing that my spots were being dried out because I've heard that you can get special face washes for acne that dry out spots.

So I wouldn't say it got rid of any blemishes, that would be pretty cool seen as I have terrible acne.However it did  help unclog my pores and get rid of almost all of my black heads,there's still a few resilient ones left that can hopefully be removed with next weeks "Cooling Cucumber peel off mask " .I also found that this mask left my face glowing the next day ,  especially my T-ZONE ,it wasn't too shiny nor too matte .This mask costs £1.09(RRP) and if you would like to purchase it or any other face masks  from the website then click the link. would thoroughly recommend using this face mask as a regular routine to maintain healthy skin as it has left me with great results.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Superdrug Foundation and concealer make-up Brush

Hi guys , I have another make-up brush for you .This is another Superdrug Foundation Brush , so If you would like to see a review , click HERE.
Anyway ,I've been looking at some make-up brushes by Ecotools and I think they look really pretty,but I saw this next to them and thought hey this is cheaper and it's PINK !

If you know me I'm all for the cheaper option but if it's good quality and it's expensive I might just purchase it.Well , this is pretty good quality , seen as it doesn't shed and it's so soft and smooth all whilst being so affordable.

It spreads the foundation smoothly over my skin and really evenly.I even found that my foundation covered up today miles better than it has been doing lately.
It also has a concealer end which I think is great at blending and works just as well as the foundation side.Overall I'm going to give this product five stars , I certainly cannot find anything bad about it .

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Love Beauty Luxury Bath Mit -Exfoliating glove

Hi guys, this post is on the Love beauty Luxury Bath Mit.I guess we all need one of these for when we exfoliate .It's become a necessity for most people to effoliate at least once a week.And the idea is that it gets rid of dead skin cells and this will reduce build up in the pores.Which can help reduce spots and blemishes.Even on the body this is the case .However by exfoiating the body you can also  achieve  soft and smooth looking skin .
So these mits can be purchased in the Ecottols collection at Boots for around £4 and I know you can get really cheap ones from Tesco or Asda.They're actually quite soft compared to the exfoliating scrubbing gloves and they're much bigger and padded .Therefore easier to handle.

The way I use this is I just get any body soap or gel and use the mit to rub on to my body.I rub in circular motions and quite vigorously so I know I'm shedding those dead skin cells.After you've done this your skin may feel a little rough so you're going to  need to moisturise.I find using baby oil at this point helps to maintain softness but any moisturiser will do.

Hopefully after a few once a week sessions your skin will be feeling and looking soft , smooth and supple .I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these Handy little gloves for yourself as they are really helpful.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder

Hi guys, this post is on Rimmel's Silky Loose face powder in the shade 001 Translucent.So I feel like this powder  was ok I'll use it but I probably won't be buying it again.I have had this product for ages but I never tried it as I thought it had glitter in it .And I absolutely detest face products with glitter in !But after a couple of satisfied uses I thought I should review it for you !

The packaging isn't really anything special ,in fact I would have preferred it being smaller and without a dredger.The dredger made it hard for the powder to come onto my brush.I know the main reason it's there is to make the powder particles really fine and smooth but it wasn't a quick and easy process to apply the powder anyway.I prefer using non-loose powder as the loose powder is really messy .I wouldn't suggest using this anywhere that just recently been cleaned  as the powder literally goes everywhere.

As for the effects of the powder I think this mattified my face really well as it had a kind of semi -mattifying finish and kept my face looking bright.It felt really smooth and light on my face .It is translucent so it doesn't make you go lighter than your skin tone or anything so that's a plus but for some reason the transluscentness just didn't feel right for me.Like I wasn't too sure If I had put it all over my face evenly enough .I think the powder was  long lasting on my skin and therefore worked quite well.

This product can be bought from  Superdrug for £7.19.Overall I think this product deserves a four out of five as it just didn't have that wow factor but I would recommend it.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand cream with Macadamia Nut Oil

Hi guys, this post is on the Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand care Lotion.I don't really use lotions on my hand,that's probably why they're so dry but that's besides the point!I don't really like the feel of moisture on my hands so I tend not to use it.But trying this lotion felt like my hands were moisturised without them feeling moisturised ?If that makes sense,which it probably doesn't.

This moisturiser uses its blend of Macadamia Nut oil and vitamins to strengthen the skins protection barrier and to pamper the nails and cuticles.This formula has Hydra IQ which ,with regular use will maintain moistured hands .
I felt like this quickly seeped into my skin,it didn't feel sticky or too moistured for too long .My skin felt smoother and softer.I'm not sure about the healthy cuticles or nails as such but I'm positive it's definitely a good hand cream.

I think this product deserves four and a half stars as it works really great.This 100ml bottle can be purchased from Boots for £3.79.

Sweet Lemon Body Butter

Hi guys, so with it being summer a lot of you will probably find the need to moisturise a bit more.Well I know I've found my perfect match with my Cranberry Body butter (click HERE for a review ).A friend gave me Sweet Lemon  Body butter for Christmas and I realised up until a month ago that I still hadn't opened it.I know its closer to this years Christmas than it was to the last but ah well.

I'm a real fan when it comes to smelly stuff  and that area.I realise how dodgy that sounds...So I was a little dissapointed when I smelled this.I mean I wasn't expecting it to smell wonderful ,I mean it is Lemon .How nice can it be ?(That was a rhetorical question )I think it's safe to say that this is probably the worst scent that Bodyshop could have made for a Body Butter.I have always recieved these Body Butters in gift boxes and they have always been pleasent scents such as pasion  fruit , papaya and raspberry.But never Lemon.But that doesn't mean I don't like it.Despite the awful smell I think it has some glowing aspect to it.After using this my skin felt softer and smoother.It had a healthy glow to it but it didn't make a shine or anything spectacular.

The butter is slightly yellow in colour and a thick, creamy consistency.This is great for a gift .And it only costs £2 at The body shop right now so I think it is quite  a good offer.And I would deffinately recommend it,taking in mind you chose the right scent.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Side swept fringe / bangs

Hi guys .I've just had my hair done at the salon and finally got my side swept fringe put in and I love it.I've wanted it for a while but I wasn't sure whether it would suit me .Well I think it's safe to say it turned out a lot better than I thought.Personally I think this fringe would look better and more suited on a rounder face but I think it can suit an oval face fine too.It frames my face quite well and adds a kind of kick tot he style .I like how it flicks away from my face so it looks like its been curled.Some pieces are a bit short but I'm sure in week or two it will have grown out a bit .I think when you first change your style you might think it looks awful but it just takes a little getting used to.And If it turns out you don't like it you can always pin it back .So shout out to Talking Heads!They always know what's best for my hair !

I really like these two styles and I kind of got something in-between the two !

*pictures from google *

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sex in the City Perfume Love scent

Hi guys,this post is on The  Sex in the City perfume  Love scent .I also have the Lust scent which I will be doing a review on soon.I think the bottle to this perfume looks really pretty but I don't know if it's meant to represent anything ?This product was really cheap despite the smell and looks .My sister got  this for £5 and the Lust one for £5 too.So it's really inexpensive.Now on to the scent.

It's not as sweet as I was expecting it to be .It's got some sweet aspect to it but it's a more mature scent than girly if you get what I mean.It comes across as quite strong at first but after a little while it fades slightly.I think the idea of it is to smell quite sexy if you know what that smells like ?It's not a very long lasting scent in fact within half an hour or maybe even less the smell is not present any more .The bottle does contain 100ml so keep puffing.

Overall I would recommend this product to you,maybe even as a gift .It deserves four stars as it smells really nice and it looks really good,it may be cheap but the smell doesn't last a long time!

Simple hydrating Light Moisturiser

Hi guys, this post is on Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser.First things first I'm still on Cetaphil so I still cant use any moisturisers or anything but I have been using this moisturiser for a long time before that.Simple products usually never work for me.Their products are usually too light and too gentle to work on my skin or they leave my skin really dry and irritated.But my mum bought this so I thought I'd give it a go.And here's what I thought !

This type of moisturiser is VITAMIN GOODNESS for naturally healthy skin.I actually do have quite healthy skin despite having acne.That probs sounds quite strange but all that my acne is  the scars, I don't really breakout any more.So I knew this product wasn't going to make me glow or anything .I have quite hydrated skin so I only need to use a light moisturiser otherwise my skin goes quite oily and then that  would leave to breakouts.This contained the perfect amount of moisture .I think this product will work on you if you have normal to slightly oily skin.If you have really dry skin you would probably be better off with a heavier moisturiser.It made my skin feel so soft and like it had the right amount of hydration.It doesn't smell of anything and it just helps make your skin feel fresh too.

This product costs £3.79 from boots for 125ml so I think it's  good value for money.Overall I think this product deserves four and a half stars .

MUA Primer

Hi guys, this post is on MUA Primer.I bought this product ages ago and I have been using it since so I thought I'd do a review on it. I never used to use Primer,I still don't need to as my make up does have a tendency to stay on all day when I do it properly.However I bought this thinking it was some sort of miracle worker when it said  "flawlessly evens out complexion."All I saw was the word flawless and had to buy it.

This product doesn't actually keep your make up on for long .In fact you're probably better off just wearing the foundation if you're using it for that matter.However what I noticed with this primer was that it kind of was a base for my make up and it made my make up come on quite evenly and smoothly .Soon after it became a necessity to use ,not for the reason you'd think.

It feels light on my face and feels like I'm getting some moisture into my skin.I guess it does help create an even and full coverage.You only need a pea size blob to kind of place on your skin before foundation but it doesn't need to be rubbed in completely.The main focus for my skin to place the primer is my cheeks as they're not really that smooth due to acne.27ml of this has lasted me quite a while .I would definitely recommend this to people that don't want to buy a very expensive primer as this only cost £4 from Superdrug.It may not  be  the bestest of primers but it will be sufficient enough !

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss 10 Graperfruit

Hi guys, with a new week comes a new shop.With a new shop comes a new post.With a new post comes a new product.Today's product is on Clinique Superbalm Moisturising gloss.

 Ok, so after that painfully cringey intro I'm just gonna cut to the cheese.This was a little tester I got and it was number 10 Grapefruit.It didn't smell like grapefruit.It didn't smell like anything to be honest.It made my lips shiny .I think though lip glosses are kind of getting old now this would be a great product for school as it doesn't tint the lips any colour it just kind of gives you a sheen .This is just a normal lip balm with the exception that it looks nice as it looks like lip gloss.So it's very moisturising and though as it may seem that it will be sticky ,once applied it's not really that sticky at all.

So yeah,I would definitely recommend this product for those of you that can't get away with lipstick for school ,if you have chapped lips or if you just need a new lip gloss that moisturises.This is only a 7ml tester but I know you can get the 15ml ones for £13.50 at  Boots .So enjoy, my lovelies !

T.Y.A Fashion Make-up Kit

Hi guys,this post is on the T.Y.A Fashion make-up kit.This type of palette is unknown to some so I thought I  would do a review on it.This palette is great for on the go as it opens up to it's full size and is quite compact otherwise.

This palette contains 48 shades going from quite natural colours to some very vibrant reluctant looking shades.These eye shadows are actually really soft and powdery .They come quite thick on the brush so it doesn't need layering on .What's really cute is that on each shade there's a little flower print indented into each ,I just thought this made it unique and really pretty.

What I didn't realise was that another palette slides out from underneath.In this you receive two powder foundations,one light and one slightly darker.You then get two powder blushes of different shades of pink and 6 completely different shades of  cream lip colour.I don't really like cream lip colour but I guess it's ok for those that do.I think this palette is great for everybody as it concidders different shades for the foundation,blush and lips.

 My clumsy stupid self lost the make-up pad but in this space you got a sponge to apply the foundation with,like I said earlier this is perfect for on the go or leaving in the car for emergencies.Ooh and I almost forgot,you get an ok size mirror at the top to help !
Overall I really like the idea of this palette and its great for temporary use but I don't think the quality of the make up is he best.Sure it's great for emergencies but I wouldn't apply this everyday.(excluding the eye shadows )
This product deserves three and a half stars as it's just not that perfect a product but with a couple of tweaks it could be !

Friday, 3 August 2012

Beautique Flipstick Lip Gloss

Hi guys ,this post is on one of my most recent purchases and it is the Beautique Flipstick lip gloss.There are five shades in this collection and this review is on the Orange gloss.I really like this product as it isn't just one side lip stick and the other glossy.

Both sides are lip gloss but one side is matte and the other shiny.So there's no actual weight on the lips and no dryness.It's not sticky at all and the 1st bases colour is really vibrant.

The base colour is a very bright,vibrant reddy-orange colour and its quite matte and dramatic looking.The 2nd side is a transparent shiny ,sheeny gloss with a tiny tint of orange.

It makes the look quite girly and you can wear both of these separately too !The brushes are just standard lip gloss brushes and he lip gloss doesn't come on too heavy .I would definitely recommend purchasing a flipstick of your own as they are perfect and quick to apply what ever the time .

Bobbypin by JF Mini eye collection palette and nude lip gloss

Hi guys sorry for the lack of regular posting been feeling rubbish lately !Anyway would just like to say a quick thank you to all my viewers ,you mean a lot to me !;)
Now lets get to the products !
Today's posts are on two "Bobbypin" products by JF.I think Bobbypin is generally a very  girly and not really my "forte" but I thought I'd do a review on them anyway.

The first review is on The Lip Gloss Nude .To be honest with you Im not all that into lip glosses anymore now that lip sticks are in.However I do like the nude almost natural colour.

This lip gloss has a really nice sheen to it but  doesn't suit me as I have a darker skin tone.It's a tiny bit sticky  and doesn't have any scent to it.It looks great as a second coat to a lipstick.

Overall this lip gloss isn't anything special so I would just give it three stars out of a possible five.

The next product is one of my favourite things I have purchased this month. It is the Bobbypin ,Mini eye collection palette.This consists of 9 natural and everyday use shades.

It doesn't have any orange or bright blue as you can see it only has the colours that look really pretty and the ones you will mostly need.This palette is really lightweight and small so is easy to carry with you everywhere.It gets a lot of use from me as you can work the colours in to look more fancy or just really natural .The colours really go well together,so you can blend and mix.

I probably use the black ,grey and white the most for a smokey eye effect .The black shade is my favourite as it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it .I've noticed that the eye shadow hasn't exactly come off or faded so it is long lasting.(with a good primer)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Daisy Marc Jacobs Luminous Body lotion

Hi guys ,sorry for the lack of posts ,too much to do this summer !I'm just gonna have to make  time for a good blogging sesh every now and then .Well anyway I have been recently using Marc Jacobs Daisy Luminous Body Lotion and I LOVE it.Capital Love it .I got it with the matching Daisy Perfume but today's review is just on the lotion.

The lotion itself is very liquiddy and runny.It has loads of glitter in so whenever I rub in my skin it leaves a shimmery effect.After using this lotion my skin feels really soft and smooth and looks really glowy and radiant.I'm nearly running out of my 75 ml 's of bliss so I'll have to purchase some more.
Obviously the Daisy perfume scent is still present in the lotion however I am not a fan of it.It seems quite strong and not sweet which are two things I look at when purchasing a perfume.

The bottle is really pretty and the lotion comes out the bottle really abnormally .You actually twist the bottom and there's a hole in the middle that becomes loose and squeezes out the lotion.
I think it is essential for everybody to moisturise after washing and exfoliating .For some exfoliating products click here and for another great body butter click here.

Overall I think this product deserves four out of five stars as it gives a gorgeous radiant looking effect on my skin and makes my skin feel soft but just doesn't  smell that great.


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