Thursday, 26 July 2012

Satin Care Radiant Apricot shave gel

Hi guys, so I decided to do this post on one of my favourite shaving gels.I really don't like waxing and until now when England has finally cast over some vitamin D  I haven't found the need to.But now I know I'm not gonna be wearing pants or long  sleeved tops any more I guess it's time to start tweaking at those hairs ! Well I'm still not a fan of waxing so my good old trusty razor will have to suffice.

As you all may know razors don't pull the entire hair root out so technically you have to shave like very day or two , otherwise you get nasty ,rough ,old stubble.Well I have found the cure that will ensure  shiny,smooth,easy to shave legs in five minutes.Shaving creams stink and take forever to remove hair.This gel smells like Apricots and as soon as it is sprayed onto the leg you can shave off your hairs quickly and safely.

I really like this product as it only costs £3 and can be purchased at Superdrug and Boots and contains 200ml.Enough to last you a long time.So overall i love this product and when it runs out I am quick to purchase more.I think this gel deserves 5 stars as it is well worth the money and works a charm.

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