Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask

Hi guys, this post is on No7's Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask.Firstly can I just say this is not an everyday Moisturiser as It is so richly formulated that it will make your skin VERY oily if used daily.This mask is used on Dry skin especially if you've had a reaction.

This should be left on overnight to seep into the skin and by morning ,once washed off your skin should not be dry/flaky.It sounds so fake to say this works a miracle but it actually does.I had some side effects to some tablets so my skin got really dry and flaky so I put some of this on my face and left it on while I slept ,then I washed it off in the morning and it had worked wonders.

Anyway ,Directions for use :

Wash face with normal facial wash,then dry your face.After that pump out a normal moisturiser amount of mask.Massage into face to ensure a full coverage on the dehydrated /dry bits of your face.Be sure not to massage it in properly ,as in leave some on the skin to be absorbed by itself .Leave for sleeping hours.....
Wake up and wash off with normal face wash.Now moisturise with normal moisturiser if needed.If needed do on more at night,but ensure you are not doing this every night.Overall this product gets five stars as I have had this for months now and when used it has never ceased to please me.

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