Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jolen Cream Bleach

Hi guys , today's post is for you girls out there that have to  try a little bit more than others to look more feminine.I'm not saying you look like a man but you get quite dark facial hair.I  have really dark brown hair and so my body hair is going to be a lot more darker than others. upper lip and beard hairs (facial hair)are not an attractive sight and you don't really want to shave your face if you're a girl.

Anyway here is the solution !This is something I have been using for  years now and works great .The product I am going to tell you about today is called Jolen.Now there are a lot of people that are against Jolen as it is a form of bleach and it is a tiny bit uncomfortable to apply.When I first used Jolen I hated it .When I put it on my face ,it started to itch and sting however as I soon started applying it regularly ( once a month ) I got used to the feeling.And everyone that uses it does.The idea of this is that it is a cream bleach and  it lightens excess dark hair.This can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug.

It's not as stingy and irritating as it sounds as the bleach is a small ration compared to the cream but it will make your skin feel a tiny bit itchy.
How to apply : Well you get a small plaque to place and mix the products together.Depending on how much you need to use the end mixture should contain 1 spatula bleach to two spatula cream .If you need to use four spatulas of cream then you would need two spatulas of bleach and so on.Then you mix and apply to the face using the spatula provided.Make sure all areas of the hair are covered .I wouldn't recommend putting this on eyebrows or actual head hair as once applied and left on for 15 minutes the hair starts to lighten and eventually goes a very ,very light blonde.So blonde that it will not be visible unless you look in the sunlight.After 15 minutes have gone by ,just rinse off and pat dry.

Overall I think this product deserves four and a half stars as it  has worked for me all these years and will work for you too .It just didn't receive five stars as it does sting a tiny bit .

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