Monday, 9 July 2012

Herbal Essences Moisture Balancing Conditioner

 Hi guys , this post is on a conditioner called Herbal  Essences Moisture balancing conditioner.This conditioner is enriched with Chamomile,aloe Vera and Passion Flower.This 400ml bottle holds your world of botanical bliss.What can I say , Herbal essences never fails to disappoint me .Every time I use the product it does what the label says and does a good job of it.I have used this product once and my hair was affected straight away.This conditioner made my hair feel smooth , silky , soft and very manageable.Made my hair look more radiant and the colours stand out more.This product can be left in for any amount of time desired however, it is so richly moisturised that you won't want to keep it in longer than ten to fifteen minutes as too much shine will create grease.My hair now feels fresh and smells great.This product receives five stars for it's brilliance ,I will definitely be using this for a while !

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