Friday, 27 July 2012

GARNIER Summer body Moisturising Lotion Sun-kissed look

Hi guys, hope all you British citizens are enjoying the constant rays .Although I think it's safe to say this weather is  more humidity than heaven.Anyway I know we're all gonna want a nice tan these holidays which unfortunately for some will take some time.However , I am not patient at all and I would like a nice sunkissed tan before I go on holiday this year.That's right Bracelona here I come!!The thing with me is that I have a naturally tanned skin colour all over the majority of my body however, my legs are as pale as milk bottles.
To achieve my -all -in-one-colour-look  I purchased Garnier SummerBody moisturisng Lotion sunkissed look.

I know this is gonna sound crazy but within a day my body became so much more tanned and shiny.However my legs took a couple of days to darken in shade.What I noticed about this product was that when I applied this tan my hands went really patchy and orange.It took ages for this to come off which was really annoying.

The great thing about this product is that it can be used all year round and is a great 12 hour moisturiser.It doesn't go streaky and stink like curry like all those fake tans.It just gives you a radiant look that  will pass off as an actual tan.It's not too expensive ,only about £3 and can be purchased from Body shops .The idea of this product is that it is a gradual tan so the colour won't change drastically but it will go a little more ,tann-ier as the days go by.It also has an ok apricot scent.If it was a bit stronger it would smell better.
This deserves three stars as it's easy to apply and actually works on me but I thought having the scent being apricot it would have smelled a tiny bit nicer and my   hands went really orange .I would definitely recommend it for you milk bottles out there !


  1. Great review, I love this product also. I have just done a review on this product myself; check out the link below for a read.
    I love the colour pay off and the smell, it’s definitely one of my top beauty favourites atm. x

    1. Thanks,it's one of my faves too ! Will check out your blog :)


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