Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Footcare Shoe heel pads

Hi guys, a promised review. I said I'd find something to help those annoying heels that look really pretty but are so excruciatingly  painful to walk in.If you want a review for some heels that I love and are great for the summer click here and here.
Anyway these shoe heel pads are used to help sooth and stop pain.They are temporary cushion and relief for tired and achy feet.These are just one option to help your party feet.

Though these say they are for heels you can place them anywhere on your shoe and it should reduce friction on the sore areas on your feet or even prevent them rubbing.There are nine pieces in a packet although I'm not sure what the  4 pads thingy on the front of the packet means.... hmmm maybe I'm having a dumb blonde moment.

Well anywhere these are a great alternative to stuffing tissue under the soles of  your feet or even wearing pumps and ballet flats.The only thing is that these aren't transparent or anything so they are visible , make sure you hide them well on your soles !

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