Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Footcare Gel cushions

Hi guys , well there must have been a two for one offer or I was in a really great mood because I have another option to your highlife in gorgeous party feet .That's right If you would like another type of foot relief in heels click here otherwise keep reading !

These gel cushions are great to place on the heels of your shoes as they stop friction and rubbing which leads to achy feet.You can place them on sore areas or just place them there to prevent later damage.Either way they are a soft alternative to tissue paper. You can buy these from a pharmacy or Boots.

If you look really closely you can see little dimples in the gel ,these mould to your heels adding to the comfort .Another great thing is that these cushions are transparent so no one will be able to coincidently get a  sneak of these.Everyone will be wondering how you can look so great whilst having fun in your party feet.WOW.Never thought I would say something that cringey.

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