Friday, 20 July 2012

Coconut and Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner

Hi guys, this post is on a new haircare Product designed by superdrug .This is A coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner and is number two in the Set.The whole set includes a shampoo ,an intensive conditioner and a mask.

This product said it would restore moisture and shine.I thought it moisturised my hair with some great oils but didn't make it as soft as I would have hoped.It was somewhat soft but nothing compared to the Herbal hair masks I've been making and using.If you would like to see how to achieve  My home made heaven avacado masks click here.This product did make my hair quite shiny .And I would definitely recommend using a conditioner which contains coconut as the oils really nourish your hair.The scent is a kind of love/ hate thing.My mum likes the smell but I'm not too keen on the smell of almonds and coconut ,I guess they're too strong for me .The actual conditioner is quite thick and creamy so weighs your hair down a bit :(

Overall I think this product deserves three and a half stars as it's great for shine and nourishment but doesn't really repair damage and I'm not too keen on the heavy scent.But you will probably see better results after a few washes.I've probably found my loving  "ambiance" with Herbal essences moisture balancing conditioner.If you would like to hear a bit about it then click here.

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