Friday, 20 July 2012

Black Maybeliene Gel eye liner

Hi guys , this post is on the Maybeliene Gel eye liner.I'm one of those people that love eye liner.I can't go a day without it . I usually use pencil eye liner for everyday use on my waterline and basically do it slightly thicker than thin -if that makes sense.

I'm not really a fan of Liquid liner as you cant really line the inside of your eye with it and it goes everywhere when I use it.However I  do like how it stays on my eye for longer and has a more denser colour to it.What really annoys me is I always end up applying it either uneven or too thick and heavy when I am using the liquid liner.I learned to live knowing I couldn't have it both ways, long lasting dark defining liner and even ,not too panda looking eyes.But then I came across the Maybeline Gel liner.It works wonders !

You get a tiny brush that has the perfect wideness to sweep across the top of your eye without making it too thick.It comes on evenly,  stays on for ages and the BLACK colour is VERY BOLD.The actual gel liner is a really smooth and soft consistency.It gives an amazingly intense line.The only constructive criticism I can give is that it's quite hard to get off with wipes ,so make sure you get a strong make-up remover.

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