Tuesday, 31 July 2012

2True easy glide kohl pencil

Hi guys, this post is on the 2True easy glide kohl pencil (eye liner).This was recommended to me by my friend and is a really great product.I have to admit it's not as great at defining my eyes but it does stay on my waterline.

This eye liner cost me £1.99 and I purchased it from Superdrug .It is just like a normal pencil however it comes out so clear and full ,jet black.This is definitely what I want in an eye liner.
The next thing I look for in an eye liner is something that stays on my waterline  and doesn't come off .When I applied this eye liner it lasted me a good six hours without getting smudgy.The line was very clear and has stayed on for ages.
The only thing that has annoyed me is how easily the eye liner smudges underneath my eye.

Overall this product gets a 4 and three quarters out of five as it performs well except for the tiny excuse of smudging.

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