Tuesday, 31 July 2012

2True easy glide kohl pencil

Hi guys, this post is on the 2True easy glide kohl pencil (eye liner).This was recommended to me by my friend and is a really great product.I have to admit it's not as great at defining my eyes but it does stay on my waterline.

This eye liner cost me £1.99 and I purchased it from Superdrug .It is just like a normal pencil however it comes out so clear and full ,jet black.This is definitely what I want in an eye liner.
The next thing I look for in an eye liner is something that stays on my waterline  and doesn't come off .When I applied this eye liner it lasted me a good six hours without getting smudgy.The line was very clear and has stayed on for ages.
The only thing that has annoyed me is how easily the eye liner smudges underneath my eye.

Overall this product gets a 4 and three quarters out of five as it performs well except for the tiny excuse of smudging.

Cien PROVITAMIN Conditioner for dry and damaged hair

Hi guys, this post is on Cien Pro vitamin Conditioner.As some of you will know I wrecked my hair a while ago after having problems with my hair dye and up until a year ago I've started taking real care with my hair.I've been using different conditioners and testing them out to see which work on what type of hair.Well I'm really happy now my hairs looking healthy ,feeling soft and shining again but I want to make sure It will stay that way .So I've had problems with Anaemia and It's really annoying because my hair will not grow because I didn't have enough iron in my diet.To ensure healthy hair and no hair loss you need to make sure you're getting all your vitamins.So I've made a post on what vitamins are doing to your hair and you body so check it out here.

Anyway as I was saying this Conditioner I tried was bought mainly for Vitamins and minerals and just general hair care.But I couldn't handle it.After I used this what I expected my hair to be was not how it turned out to be.My hair was quite rough and it smelled kind of ashy and spicy.I thought I'd give It another shot but after two washes I'd had enough. What really irritated me was when I straightened my hair soon after my hair smelled like it was burning so I smelled again and sure enough it was the scent of the conditioner .My hair smelled really spicy and unfortunately I didn't like it.This conditioner said it was meant to  nourish stressed brittle and damaged hair and give it a natural shine . I guess I got somewhat of a shine .

Overall this product gets a rather harsh 2 stars as it just didn't work for me.I'll probably be adding some of this to my deep conditioning mask as it nourished  my hair to some extent.

Jolen Cream Bleach

Hi guys , today's post is for you girls out there that have to  try a little bit more than others to look more feminine.I'm not saying you look like a man but you get quite dark facial hair.I  have really dark brown hair and so my body hair is going to be a lot more darker than others. upper lip and beard hairs (facial hair)are not an attractive sight and you don't really want to shave your face if you're a girl.

Anyway here is the solution !This is something I have been using for  years now and works great .The product I am going to tell you about today is called Jolen.Now there are a lot of people that are against Jolen as it is a form of bleach and it is a tiny bit uncomfortable to apply.When I first used Jolen I hated it .When I put it on my face ,it started to itch and sting however as I soon started applying it regularly ( once a month ) I got used to the feeling.And everyone that uses it does.The idea of this is that it is a cream bleach and  it lightens excess dark hair.This can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug.

It's not as stingy and irritating as it sounds as the bleach is a small ration compared to the cream but it will make your skin feel a tiny bit itchy.
How to apply : Well you get a small plaque to place and mix the products together.Depending on how much you need to use the end mixture should contain 1 spatula bleach to two spatula cream .If you need to use four spatulas of cream then you would need two spatulas of bleach and so on.Then you mix and apply to the face using the spatula provided.Make sure all areas of the hair are covered .I wouldn't recommend putting this on eyebrows or actual head hair as once applied and left on for 15 minutes the hair starts to lighten and eventually goes a very ,very light blonde.So blonde that it will not be visible unless you look in the sunlight.After 15 minutes have gone by ,just rinse off and pat dry.

Overall I think this product deserves four and a half stars as it  has worked for me all these years and will work for you too .It just didn't receive five stars as it does sting a tiny bit .

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation

Hi guys, this post is on Rimmels  Lasting finish 25 hour foundation.First off let's say my acne is driving me mad.I can't let my spots live and meander on my face in broad daylight which is why this foundation is the perfect cover up.

This shade is 100 Ivory .The foundation is very liquiddy and so is able to be applied easily and blends into the skin well.I found that it was easy to make this foundation look natural and not caked on.It's not far from flawless if you ask me.It feels very lightweight and I didn't need to apply much on my face to cover up the acne,it was a fast process .

This foundation says it lasts 25 hours but I wasn't going to keep my make up  on for 25 hours now was I ?So I guess I'm not able to say whether or not it did stay on for that long.I don't know, I think it only lasted me around six hours before my face started to look shiny and loose the  coverage.I think this particular foundation lacked luminosity and glow .I really like having a foundation that really lights up your face and gives you a glowy brightness .Like Rimmels wake me up foundation .Click here for a review.

It's supposed to keep coverage in sweat ,heat and humidity.I feel like it has kept coverage in the humidity but it hasn't kept it for as long as it said it would.This foundation is enriched with a revitalising mineral complex and a moisturising aqua primer .Sounds fancy !Want to try it ? You can purchase it along with all the other Rimmel products at Boots , Superdrug and any cosmetics store.
Overall I think this product deserves four stars out of five and I would recommend it for people with problematic skin and blemishes.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Deep pore cleansing Chocolate Masque

Hi guys, feast your eyes on another amusebooshe of a face care product. Is that how you spell it ?I'm not sure.Anyway,this is yet another face mask by Montagne Jeunesse that I love.I've been using this type of mask for months maybe a year now and I can't seem to find much wrong in it.

This chocolate mask is used for Normal /dry  skin and for those people that have problems in the T -ZONE area.Despite this saying it is a deep cleansing facial mask I don't feel like it actually cleanses the skin I just feel like it softens and refreshes.But hey , I don't use masks to cleanse my skin , that's what cleansers are for ! If you would like to see a review of my favourite cleanser click here.

It most definitely is an anti stress mask as it relaxes me when I put on this cooling mask .It smells great and of chocolate,obviously.It's creamy and so I feel like lots of health and nourishment is going into my skin.After washing off I always have a glow to face .

Overall I love this face mask and with it only costing less than a pound I know it's well worth the money and would highly recommend it .If you prefer much fruitier options click here for another face mask  .

GARNIER Summer body Moisturising Lotion Sun-kissed look

Hi guys, hope all you British citizens are enjoying the constant rays .Although I think it's safe to say this weather is  more humidity than heaven.Anyway I know we're all gonna want a nice tan these holidays which unfortunately for some will take some time.However , I am not patient at all and I would like a nice sunkissed tan before I go on holiday this year.That's right Bracelona here I come!!The thing with me is that I have a naturally tanned skin colour all over the majority of my body however, my legs are as pale as milk bottles.
To achieve my -all -in-one-colour-look  I purchased Garnier SummerBody moisturisng Lotion sunkissed look.

I know this is gonna sound crazy but within a day my body became so much more tanned and shiny.However my legs took a couple of days to darken in shade.What I noticed about this product was that when I applied this tan my hands went really patchy and orange.It took ages for this to come off which was really annoying.

The great thing about this product is that it can be used all year round and is a great 12 hour moisturiser.It doesn't go streaky and stink like curry like all those fake tans.It just gives you a radiant look that  will pass off as an actual tan.It's not too expensive ,only about £3 and can be purchased from Body shops .The idea of this product is that it is a gradual tan so the colour won't change drastically but it will go a little more ,tann-ier as the days go by.It also has an ok apricot scent.If it was a bit stronger it would smell better.
This deserves three stars as it's easy to apply and actually works on me but I thought having the scent being apricot it would have smelled a tiny bit nicer and my   hands went really orange .I would definitely recommend it for you milk bottles out there !

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Satin Care Radiant Apricot shave gel

Hi guys, so I decided to do this post on one of my favourite shaving gels.I really don't like waxing and until now when England has finally cast over some vitamin D  I haven't found the need to.But now I know I'm not gonna be wearing pants or long  sleeved tops any more I guess it's time to start tweaking at those hairs ! Well I'm still not a fan of waxing so my good old trusty razor will have to suffice.

As you all may know razors don't pull the entire hair root out so technically you have to shave like very day or two , otherwise you get nasty ,rough ,old stubble.Well I have found the cure that will ensure  shiny,smooth,easy to shave legs in five minutes.Shaving creams stink and take forever to remove hair.This gel smells like Apricots and as soon as it is sprayed onto the leg you can shave off your hairs quickly and safely.

I really like this product as it only costs £3 and can be purchased at Superdrug and Boots and contains 200ml.Enough to last you a long time.So overall i love this product and when it runs out I am quick to purchase more.I think this gel deserves 5 stars as it is well worth the money and works a charm.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dream Nude Airfoam foundation -Maybeline

Hi guys, so as promised my next review is on Dream nude Airfoam foundation.Click here for a review on it's sister.Anyway,this had completely different results to the Dream Satin Liquid foundation.I mainly had a problem because the foundation was a foam.I don't know about you but I find that Foams tend to melt quickly.

I put a layer of foundation on my face and it started to melt , this was very annoying as it didn't feel light on my face,The foam was very lightweight and soft on my hand ,as you can probably see from the picture.However , everything changed for the worst once I had placed it on my face.Now I have to give some credit to this foundation as It didn't make my face too shiny and didn't take too much layering to cover up my acne.Unfortunately , this foundation isn't the best for me so I probably wouldn't recomend this foundation so much.


Dream Satin Liquid Foundation -Maybeline

Hi guys, this post is on Dream Satin Liquid foundation.The truth is in the name in this product .I really like this product as I do in ALL Maybeline products.

 Well this product can be purchased at Boots and Superdrug in the Maybeline collection .I really like this foundation as it is very soft and supple , it is very liquidy and soft ,soft,soft.The coliur here is nude and I just can'n find much wrong with it.

It could only improve if it didn't need that much layering on to cover up my acne.But I guess that 's probably something that takes a while to find.It does feel nice while I'm applying it but it could do with feeling soft on the skin after plastering my face up with it.
Overall this product deserves four stars , check out my review on Rimmels wake me up foundation as It was almost as flawless as this , click here.
Keep reading as my next post will be on its  sister ,Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.

Footcare Gel cushions

Hi guys , well there must have been a two for one offer or I was in a really great mood because I have another option to your highlife in gorgeous party feet .That's right If you would like another type of foot relief in heels click here otherwise keep reading !

These gel cushions are great to place on the heels of your shoes as they stop friction and rubbing which leads to achy feet.You can place them on sore areas or just place them there to prevent later damage.Either way they are a soft alternative to tissue paper. You can buy these from a pharmacy or Boots.

If you look really closely you can see little dimples in the gel ,these mould to your heels adding to the comfort .Another great thing is that these cushions are transparent so no one will be able to coincidently get a  sneak of these.Everyone will be wondering how you can look so great whilst having fun in your party feet.WOW.Never thought I would say something that cringey.

Footcare Shoe heel pads

Hi guys, a promised review. I said I'd find something to help those annoying heels that look really pretty but are so excruciatingly  painful to walk in.If you want a review for some heels that I love and are great for the summer click here and here.
Anyway these shoe heel pads are used to help sooth and stop pain.They are temporary cushion and relief for tired and achy feet.These are just one option to help your party feet.

Though these say they are for heels you can place them anywhere on your shoe and it should reduce friction on the sore areas on your feet or even prevent them rubbing.There are nine pieces in a packet although I'm not sure what the  4 pads thingy on the front of the packet means.... hmmm maybe I'm having a dumb blonde moment.

Well anywhere these are a great alternative to stuffing tissue under the soles of  your feet or even wearing pumps and ballet flats.The only thing is that these aren't transparent or anything so they are visible , make sure you hide them well on your soles !

Montagne Jeunesse Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off

Hi guys, this post is on another face mask however,this one can be purchased from many more ,familiar places such as Boots , Superdrug,Tesco...

Anyway I really like face masks and for a while I have been using the Spa recipes masks.This particular face mask claims to be great for the skin as it cleanses ,purifies and protects.I know through trial and error that out of all the Montagne Jeunesse's face masks I have tried the peel off ones tend to be the weakest and don't really relax me or my skin.They sure do cleanse as after I have used these masks my skin feels refreshed ,clean and I feel like my pores have been cleaned out slightly.I'm not sure about the purify and protect bit though as it doesn't necessarily prevent me from getting breakouts and redness. They always do smell really great and leave a healthy glow on my face.This mask itself contains Pomegranate,Passion Flower, Raspberry,Grape,Cranberry and Vitamin E which are all Anti oxidants which clean the pores and protect the skin.(like I said before- doesn't necessarily work on my skin type, but I suppose it would be okay for those of you without as many breakouts)

How to use :
Pretty simple ,you just wash your face ,pat dry and apply the mask to all areas of your face and neck avoiding the eyes , lips and eyebrows.Try to apply it evenly throughout the whole face to ensure every bit of your face is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs.Leave on for 15 -20 minutes and try not to move your face around .I don't know if your facial expressions make you get wrinkles yet so I would suggest not making any faces just to be on the safe side ;)I don't think it matters if you leave it on for any longer because me and my best friend have done a whole hour /high school musical dancealong wearing the face masks.Anyway,when you're done just peel off ,it should be kind of plasticky ,and like cling film .It should just peel off easily like a sheet.

Overall this mask deserves 3 and a half stars as It smells great and makes my skin feel refreshed and glowing  but it just isn't as good as the mud type masks.

These masks only cost around a pound so they are well worth buying.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Clarifying Mineral facemask- Red sea weed minerals

Hi guys, this post is on a Mineral face mask that my sister has. So the other day my sister gave both me and my brother a facial .This cleansed our skin ,getting rid  of blackheads , softening our skin,making it shiny and  for me ,bleached my facial hair.

The minerals in this mask made the skin look really healthy and shiny .The  red seaweed was the main reason for the nutrition.This also contained bleach which generally lightened the skin ,especially the facial hair.Now by whitening the skin , it didn't mean it would transform your skin colour from black to white,it meant it would generally give you a slightly lighter ,brighter complexion.

To use you should spread evenly on the face and neck using a facebrush or spreader of some sort ,avoiding the eyebrows,mouth and eyes and leave on for ten minutes .Then ,sponge  off with cold water and pat dry with a towel.For best results you should probably do this once a week as it's a very comforting  thing to do and healthy for your skin.I don't think you can get this from Boots or anything So if you would like to order something similar click here for a facial mask by Valenti.

Five stars ,easy and effective face mask , what more could you want ?

MISO jewellery , Russian Doll Ring

Hi guys, this post is on a  piece of jewellery I recently bought.I think it's really cute and different.As you can probably tell this is From Republic by the MISO collection.I really like it the only thing I'm annoyed about is I bought a large and now its too big for me so it keeps falling off :(

It's a little Russian doll and I love Russian dolls .I still have this Russian doll set my brother got me from Russia ages ago.Isn't it so adorbes?!

Anyway I think this piece of jewellery is really unique and funky .Well anyway I this piece of jewellery deserves five stars as it's a must have.

Nuage Skin Body scrub -with Ginseng and Seaweed extracts

Hi guys , this product is on the Nuage skin Body scrub.This product contains,Ginseng and Seaweed extracts  and smells great despite the fact it doesn't sound too great.

This exfoliates and moisturises so when used in the shower I usually use with an exfoliating glove.The idea is to rub in circular motions on the skin and to be quite thorough whilst doing so, that the beads really get to the dead skin cells.What's great is that it also moisturises so your skin feels really soft but I think if you wanted softer results you would have to do some extra moisturising.

The scrub itself is quite thick and creamy and you don't need an awful lot when exfoliating so It will last a  long time.Overall I want to give this product 4 stars as it works great on my skin and I use it twice a week.

Hit The Spot Exfoliating Facial Wash

Hi guys, this post is on "Hit the Spot  exfoliating facial wash.I have been using this face wash for a week now and I really like it.This product is really liquiddy,like the active facial wash.If you would like to see a review click here.After using this face wash my skin feels like it has been cleaned out from underneath the skin and feels so refreshed.

This face wash contains tea tree which is great for refreshing and cleansing the skin ,witch hazel which can reduce inflammation and reduce swelling.The micro beads are the best bit for me about the product as they rub at the skin when I am washing my face so I know its cleaning my skin thoroughly.They don't act rough or hurt on the skin .the main idea of the micro beads id to rub /clean away the dead skin cells which have accumulated on the skin and by doing this there is a reduced chance of bacteria causing spots and inflammation.

This is not a strong facewash in a sense so I would say that it probably is suitable for all skin types.Obviously I'm not an expert on skincare but what I do know I like to put into practice so make sure you exfoliate at least once a week as there's no need to exfoliate daily.Overall I  give this product four stars as it seems to be working on my skin but I suppose it ill take a bit of time to see whether it actually does make a difference to my stubborn acne.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Coconut and Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner

Hi guys, this post is on a new haircare Product designed by superdrug .This is A coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner and is number two in the Set.The whole set includes a shampoo ,an intensive conditioner and a mask.

This product said it would restore moisture and shine.I thought it moisturised my hair with some great oils but didn't make it as soft as I would have hoped.It was somewhat soft but nothing compared to the Herbal hair masks I've been making and using.If you would like to see how to achieve  My home made heaven avacado masks click here.This product did make my hair quite shiny .And I would definitely recommend using a conditioner which contains coconut as the oils really nourish your hair.The scent is a kind of love/ hate thing.My mum likes the smell but I'm not too keen on the smell of almonds and coconut ,I guess they're too strong for me .The actual conditioner is quite thick and creamy so weighs your hair down a bit :(

Overall I think this product deserves three and a half stars as it's great for shine and nourishment but doesn't really repair damage and I'm not too keen on the heavy scent.But you will probably see better results after a few washes.I've probably found my loving  "ambiance" with Herbal essences moisture balancing conditioner.If you would like to hear a bit about it then click here.

Black Maybeliene Gel eye liner

Hi guys , this post is on the Maybeliene Gel eye liner.I'm one of those people that love eye liner.I can't go a day without it . I usually use pencil eye liner for everyday use on my waterline and basically do it slightly thicker than thin -if that makes sense.

I'm not really a fan of Liquid liner as you cant really line the inside of your eye with it and it goes everywhere when I use it.However I  do like how it stays on my eye for longer and has a more denser colour to it.What really annoys me is I always end up applying it either uneven or too thick and heavy when I am using the liquid liner.I learned to live knowing I couldn't have it both ways, long lasting dark defining liner and even ,not too panda looking eyes.But then I came across the Maybeline Gel liner.It works wonders !

You get a tiny brush that has the perfect wideness to sweep across the top of your eye without making it too thick.It comes on evenly,  stays on for ages and the BLACK colour is VERY BOLD.The actual gel liner is a really smooth and soft consistency.It gives an amazingly intense line.The only constructive criticism I can give is that it's quite hard to get off with wipes ,so make sure you get a strong make-up remover.

Cranberry Body Butter

Hi guys , so this post is on Cranberry Body Butter.Cranberry  can be used a lot for general health issues like swelling,clearing up acne,UTI and all sorts of things.

What's inside this cranberry body butter is the key to soft , supple and clear skin.I have been using this Body Butter which was purchased from Boots,for three or four days now and I can tell you it works amazingly .I massage this onto my arms and legs after ex foliating and my skin gets really soft and smells great.

I've noticed my skin looks a lot more shinier,shimmery  and healthier and  I can't stop smelling my arms as they smell yummy.Inside the butter is really thick and creamy so you know it is fortifies with all these vitamins and minerals that will be perfect for the skin .It absorbs well into the skin and just makes you feel like you're doing so much for your skin but really it's effortless.I got this in a cute Fairtrade Gift set with some other Cranberry flavoured scrubs and Moisturisers so this is also a great gift .I love this product and overall I will give this five out of five stars for how great it works.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask

Hi guys, this post is on No7's Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask.Firstly can I just say this is not an everyday Moisturiser as It is so richly formulated that it will make your skin VERY oily if used daily.This mask is used on Dry skin especially if you've had a reaction.

This should be left on overnight to seep into the skin and by morning ,once washed off your skin should not be dry/flaky.It sounds so fake to say this works a miracle but it actually does.I had some side effects to some tablets so my skin got really dry and flaky so I put some of this on my face and left it on while I slept ,then I washed it off in the morning and it had worked wonders.

Anyway ,Directions for use :

Wash face with normal facial wash,then dry your face.After that pump out a normal moisturiser amount of mask.Massage into face to ensure a full coverage on the dehydrated /dry bits of your face.Be sure not to massage it in properly ,as in leave some on the skin to be absorbed by itself .Leave for sleeping hours.....
Wake up and wash off with normal face wash.Now moisturise with normal moisturiser if needed.If needed do on more at night,but ensure you are not doing this every night.Overall this product gets five stars as I have had this for months now and when used it has never ceased to please me.


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