Monday, 25 June 2012

Multivitamins and healthy hair tips.

Hi guys,this post is going to be really short but hopefully quite helpful. Sometimes when you diet or are just undernourished you tend to lose a lot of the vital minerals and vitamins in your diet.These are needed to ensure a healthy lifestyle.This includes healthy hair -which you know I am pretty much obsessed about.So I would reccommend taking Vitamin Supplements as that is most likely one of the many  reasons why your hair may not seem to be growing as fast or as healthily as you'd like.Make sure you purchase some Iron supplements too .Cod liver Oil can also be great for the hair,If you can bare the taste and smell.These vitamins aren't expensive and can be found in chemists and the pharmacy sections in Tesco ,sainsburrys etc....So overall to maintain healthy hair,Take Vitamins,get some fresh air .I don't think you  necessarily have to exercise but If exercise does impact the health of your hair ,be my guest.Also keep massaging your hair to circulate those hair follicles ,this works better with hot oil treatments.Get your split ends cut regularly ,maybe every two months .Hope this helps !

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