Thursday, 14 June 2012

Maybeline Falsies flared /Black drama /cat eyes /colossal 100% black mascara

Hi guys ,this post is on two similar mascaras by the same band Maybeline.They are both the Falsies volume express collection and are both brilliant.I have to say Black drama is the best out of the two as it gives a more defined and dramatic effect.The brush helps to extend the lashes helping them look thicker and longer.

Top: Black Drama

Now the Flared mascara is great at extending your eyelashes and spacing them out to look "flary "?Like I said this mascara wasn't particularly my favourite as it didn't volumise my lashes that much.They both have a 100% black look and have barrel shape brushes ,this helps to add volume.

These can both be found near each other at superdrug and can be found at a cheap price.Also,be sure to try out the Maybeline cat eyes mascara for better,more defined  results.For a review on Maybeline Colossal Volum Express 100% black Mascara click here.

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