Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier Pro active

Hi guys , this is a post on a face wash I have been using for a while now .It is called Garnier Pure active Deep pore unclogging wash.I use this product at both night and morning as it really does do what the label says. It's great for unclogging blackheads .

It also makes your skin feel clear.I suppose to some extent the face wash can reduce signs of spots however,this product may not make a difference to your spots if you have acne .As always ,all products have different effects on different people .So I would recommend trying this product as it's great as a cleansing face wash but probably not so great at decreasing spot arrival.
For best results I would suggest washing your face with warm /hot water  (by washing with hot water you have opened up your pores)Then use the face wash and rinse off again.After that just wash your face with cold water.(This closes the pores)

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