Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rimmel Renew and Lift Foundation

Hi guys,This post is on Rimmel Renew and Lift liquid foundation.Sorry for the really rubbish photos !This foundation is really great for a full coverage and feels really light on my skin.This is shade 103 -I have quite dark skin .It makes my skin look fresh and looks as if I've put hardly anything on.This foundation lasts a long time too as it's quite a big pump.I really like this foundation as It is the best one I have used yet.It seems to stay on for almost 8 hours  even without a primer.So it's great to put on for school.This foundation does'nt dry out the skin like some powder foundations do but make sure you put on a good moisturiser that suits your skin well.Make sure you keep checking my blog for a post that will soon be arriving  on Moisturisers that are great on different kinds of skin .For a review on Rimmel's Wake me up foundation click here

Bio Oil -Nourish Oil

Hi guys, today's post is on a poduct I have recently baught called "nourish oil"this can be purchased from boots as it their own brand .It is the sme as Bio oil but just a pound or so  cheaper.This product is great for :
Dehydrated skin
Ageing skin
Stretch marks
Uneven Skin Tone

  Fading scars / burns and acne ! I use this product for my acne scars on my back but you can use this product on the face and body if necessary,this product "says" the scars and stretch marks may take three months or so to work , with regular using Applying this twice a day will hopefully fade the marks.So it may take a while for results but I'm sure the result will be fantastic .And I would recommend this product as it is full of vitamins and extra nourishing ingredients .I will do an update review when I see some more results.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Multivitamins and healthy hair tips.

Hi guys,this post is going to be really short but hopefully quite helpful. Sometimes when you diet or are just undernourished you tend to lose a lot of the vital minerals and vitamins in your diet.These are needed to ensure a healthy lifestyle.This includes healthy hair -which you know I am pretty much obsessed about.So I would reccommend taking Vitamin Supplements as that is most likely one of the many  reasons why your hair may not seem to be growing as fast or as healthily as you'd like.Make sure you purchase some Iron supplements too .Cod liver Oil can also be great for the hair,If you can bare the taste and smell.These vitamins aren't expensive and can be found in chemists and the pharmacy sections in Tesco ,sainsburrys etc....So overall to maintain healthy hair,Take Vitamins,get some fresh air .I don't think you  necessarily have to exercise but If exercise does impact the health of your hair ,be my guest.Also keep massaging your hair to circulate those hair follicles ,this works better with hot oil treatments.Get your split ends cut regularly ,maybe every two months .Hope this helps !

Monday, 18 June 2012

Ice Diamond Professional Styler Straightner

Hi guys,this post is on the Ice Diamond Professional Styler Straightener.For me,the best has always been Ghd's but after trying this new addition I have become to think otherwise.This product has a heat dial so you are able to change the hear at which you re using .Despite the fact that Ghd's are generally fast ,the Ice diamond is much quicker allowing your hair to have less time to damage . 

With this product you get a heat pouch included.The tourmaline plates heat up to their maximum temperature to lock in moisture,natural oils and hair colour for total hair protection.Overall this product  is a must have as it is cheaper than a Ghd and is much better.I think this product is quite newly being used in the salons locally so you should definitely go try them before you buy them.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Johnson's daily essentials face care -hydrating cream

Hi guys , this post is on a moisturiser I've been using  for a little while now called "Johnson's daily essentials face hydrating cream".I think this product is very good for people who have oily skin and need a light moisturiser for the daytime.

It keeps my skin feeling baby soft as all of Johnson's products do and this tub lasts along time.This moisturiser is quite cheap and can be bought from Superdrug or Wilkinsons.It says it lasts 24 hours however,it probably needs to be applied at morning and night.

Hi guys, I'm kind of doing another review on this after using it for longer .As I probably wrote this post a couple of months ago.At first I thought this moisturiser was really good.It was initially making  my skin feel so soft and clear but I don't know what happened because after about  three weeks my skin started to breakout more and it was really making my skin greasy.

I guess this was a little too hydrating for my skin .But it really annoyed me as my skin felt mad soft !:(
Overall I'm going to give this product two stars as it really disappointed me ,like big time .

Rimmels Kate Lipstick

Hi guys, this post is on Rimmels Kate Lipstick.
The first review will be on the one on the left .Shade 05.

This product is quite popular at the moment as it is a very bright shade.It is in-between a light red /dark pink colour and looks great.I find this lipstick very moisturising and easy to apply.

The next review is on the shade 03 .This product was not my favourite as I wasn't too fond of the colour .The colour had a shimmer to it which I don't particularly like in Lipstick however,it is a nice natural colour if you prefer those to bright .The lipstick cases look really attractive as they are a shiny black with bright red KATE on it .I think this looks really effective as it is suggesting how dramatic the lipstick can look.Overall I think with these lipsticks you have to make sure you get the right shade .

Helen E Glamour colour gloss ;Naked ,Peach Shimmer

Hi guys,this post is on two lip glosses I purchased from Helen E .The first review is on the pinkier of the two.
This product is called "Naked "and is the shade 17 in the collection.I think this colour is really pretty and girly.It's a very natural but shiny colour and I wear it the most out of the two.

The next product is called "Peach Shimmer" and is the shade 18.This colour is very unique.I haven't got a lip gloss in this particular colour from any other brand.This shade is very summery and glittery.
These products are a little bit sticky but not enough for me to stop using them as they smell really good.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution Cleanser

Hi guys,this post is on Clinique Anti blemish solution cleanser.This product is great for acne ,breakouts,and reduces redness in the cheeks.Cleanser is quite good for the skin as it cleans off  dead skin cells and cleans out pores,reducing black and white heads.

 I would suggest using cleanser twice a day after washing your face at both morning and night.After using the cleanser you can also use Toner to close up the pores that you have cleansed.The best way to use this is to spread over the face with cotton wool and when it's dry you should moisturise .If you experience irritation you should probably use a weaker cleanser.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier Pro active

Hi guys , this is a post on a face wash I have been using for a while now .It is called Garnier Pure active Deep pore unclogging wash.I use this product at both night and morning as it really does do what the label says. It's great for unclogging blackheads .

It also makes your skin feel clear.I suppose to some extent the face wash can reduce signs of spots however,this product may not make a difference to your spots if you have acne .As always ,all products have different effects on different people .So I would recommend trying this product as it's great as a cleansing face wash but probably not so great at decreasing spot arrival.
For best results I would suggest washing your face with warm /hot water  (by washing with hot water you have opened up your pores)Then use the face wash and rinse off again.After that just wash your face with cold water.(This closes the pores)

Maybeline Falsies flared /Black drama /cat eyes /colossal 100% black mascara

Hi guys ,this post is on two similar mascaras by the same band Maybeline.They are both the Falsies volume express collection and are both brilliant.I have to say Black drama is the best out of the two as it gives a more defined and dramatic effect.The brush helps to extend the lashes helping them look thicker and longer.

Top: Black Drama

Now the Flared mascara is great at extending your eyelashes and spacing them out to look "flary "?Like I said this mascara wasn't particularly my favourite as it didn't volumise my lashes that much.They both have a 100% black look and have barrel shape brushes ,this helps to add volume.

These can both be found near each other at superdrug and can be found at a cheap price.Also,be sure to try out the Maybeline cat eyes mascara for better,more defined  results.For a review on Maybeline Colossal Volum Express 100% black Mascara click here.

Kim Kardashian Perfume

Hi guys , so this post is on a perfume produced by Kim Kardashian herself .The bottle is really pretty and very "kimmy" .Expect the unexpected comes to mind here as the scent is not very sweet.Infact it is more spicy .It's quite a strong ,long lasting ,unique perfume .

This bottle in the picture is actually only 50ml but has lasted me since April and there's still quite a bit left.Overall this perfume deserves four stars as I would have liked it to be sweet rather than spicy but the bottle looks amazing.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Soap and Glory body sprays

Hi guys, today I'm doing a quick post on my Soap and Glory body spray set.First off the pink bottle is labelled a "fruity floral fragrant "body spray .This spray is very sweet and fruity.The purple bottle is another sweet scented spray labelled "soft and sexy ".The white bottle is my favourite as it is a light spray on moisturiser that smells fresh and fruity.This is labelled as "spray -on body moisturising mist."All these can be purchased separate or even as a set.This may also be a great gift.I got this as a gift but you can get them from stores like Boots and Superdrug.


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