Saturday, 26 May 2012

Treseme Moisture rich conditioner


A conditioner that  I have been using  for quite a while now  is Tresemes moisture rich conditioner .This product makes my hair feel amazingly soft and moistured .This product adds loads of shine to my hair and makes my ends smoother and less split.It contains vitamin E which is very good for the strength and minerals of the hair.

The bottle itself is quite huge so it's no wonder why it's lasted quite a while.Anyway this product can be received from tesco or any big store.This  product deserves five stars as it works amazingly on dry , damaged,dull and lifeless hair.It really gives your hair a professional finish and works even better with the matching shampoo.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Herbal Essences Split end protection

Another repeat !So this post is a review on Herbal essences Split end protection.This is a pink mask and smells good enough to eat! This product rejuvenates hair colour whilst giving moisture and protecting split ends.This product also prevents some split ends from starting.This mask costs around five pounds and lasts a while.Use this on wet  midlengths and ends of hair after shampooing.

You can leave this product on for any time over five minutes.(The longer you leave the product on the more shinier and more moistured your hair will be ) Please note that sometimes if left on for longer than an hour hair may look quite greasy.Overall I think this product is not as good as the pantene hair mask but it is quite decent.If you have not done so please check out my review on the Pantene hair mask for more help.

Pantene Hair mask

Hi guys , so this is a post on Pantene's Spa Inspired Care hair  mask .It's a repair and protect masque and works to its  potential.This product can be left on for however long you like, however,I would leave to soak for ten to fifteen minutes for best results.I put quite a lot of this product on the lengths and ends of my hair and whatever remains on my hands I do a quick once over on my scalp for shine.This is yet another hair mask that protects hair from heat damage and provides extra nourishment,vitamins ans shine .

This smells great and will keep your hair fresh for a couple of weeks after the salon too.You will probably be able to access this for around four or five pounds from superdrug or boots.If you've read some of my older posts you will probably notice this post has been repeated as have a few others that have been deleted.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hi guys ,just a quick post today to say ,I will soon start posting regularly  again .Some major procrastination going on here for my exams which I should be revising for.So I will start posting whenever I can ! Sorry for the wait :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Perfect 10, Garnier Nutrisse

Hi guys ,I realized I never did this post so I thought I'll do it now . I got my hair dyed red in the summer and It was a little too red.So I suffered the wrath of my parents and quite enjoyed having hair this bright. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed it at school and had to re dye it .I was really annoyed because aswell as liking the hair color my hair felt like straw after getting it bleach dyed,major nono.

If you're looking about getting your hair dyed you're probably best doing it yourself as you're not going to be using any Ammonia which damages the hair like hell.I got my sister to do a quick once over with Garnier hair dye on the red and it was a sort of chest nutty brown .This made my red highlights darker and less vibrant.My hair looked a lot better but after several washes the term "permanent" started to fade as well as my hair color.Soon my hair went light brown and a tiny bit ginger.After several more washes the colors sort of blended in but Im probably not going to dye my hair for a while now.My hair is growing quite slow but my roots and mid length hair are back to my natural color .Its just my ends that have to grow a bit and then I'll cut the rest off.So if you asked me about a year ago I would have said ,the best hair dye to use it probably Garnier, it smells great and it nourishes .But you never can beat the best and that's why Loreal perfect 10 is at the top of the list.The color stays for ages and  it also smells great,It's more vibrant and you won't be afraid to go a "shade brighter".

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tresemme split Remedy

Hi guys ,I tried treseme's split end mask about a month ago and have been using it about twice a week since.It is the best split end mask out of all the ones I've used so far.It's great for keeping hair more resilient to future split end damage and mend the past split ends too. You do need to apply quite a bit of this mask until you can feel the silkiness of your hair for it to work.It doesnt actully eliminate the split ends but it stops future ones from occurring and makes the hair look more nourished and less parched.There are more products in this range such as the matching shampoo and conditioner ,hair serum but the great thing about these products is you don't need to buy the whole set for them to work properly.Overall Treseme are very famous for the luxury of their equipment and hair products and I thoroughly agree.I give this product five out of five stars for its high quality protection.The price is also reasonable and at the moment buy one get one free at Superdrug.


Hi everyone, If you read my blog on a regular basis, you might have realised I have undergone a major make over with the blog!
Thank you all for being so patient, and I will soon start blogging on a regular basis!

Iqraa xx


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