Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oil Treatments :Olive oil,Coconut Oil

Hi guys,this post is on some  hair care tips involving oil.You can buy many shampoo's which contain nourishing oils in them that can add moisture to your hair.However,using natural oil can help nourishment aswell as growth.The best oil for hair is coconut oil.This can be baught in any oil section in a local supermarket.All you need is a small amount in your palm at a time in which youre going to rub into your scalp .Keep adding more till your hair is provided with oil from root to tip.(Do not soak).This is not a very attractive look as the oil will make youre hair very greasy.But all things come at a cost so I tend to do this on the night before im going to have a shower.Just before I go to bed I follow the steps above.Then I braid my hair and place a towel on my pillow for  less breakage of my hair.In the morning I go in the shower and wash out all the oil .This will probably need a rinse and repeat .There willl need to be a lot of lathering involved.Try to keep the shampoo on for longer than usual so the oil will get out your  hair more easily.Once conditioned and dried you will see an amazing shine and feel softness in your hair .You can also use olive oil.Just don't use cooking oil.

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