Saturday, 7 April 2012

Heat defence and GHD spray

Hi guys, this post is on heat protectants I am using at the moment.Straightening , curling , and drying can cause alot of damage to our hair.Too much of it can also result in hair loss.Check out my hair loss prevention review too !The average person sheds up to 100 hairs a day .On top of that we lose extra hair through using hair appliances. We all like styling our hair however everything comes with a consequence , so here is a cure.
Always use some sort of  heat defense spray or serum when styling  .This will stop the hair getting damaged by the heat as it protects your hair from heat exposure. I have a GHD thermal protection spray that I've been using before I blow dry and starighten . It can be used on dry or damp hair , however I prefer to leave the spray to soak in my hair and leave my hair overnight to dry naturally.The spray also smells very nice and adds shine.

So my GHD Spray finished :(. I've found a decent hair spray called Expertise. Its from the Superdrugs own range and costs £2.99 for a 300 ml bottle.Though its cheap it works well. .It also smooths frizz and adds shine.It prevents the hair from becoming brittle and dull and it contains some vitamins and minerals which are great for keeping your hair healthy .

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