Friday, 27 April 2012

Herbal hair masks

Hi guys ,this post is on a Herbal Hair mask that is really great and easy to make. Weather you are making the mask  for nourishment or strengthening, this recipe will work for any hair type and is great and affordable.This recipe is easy, as most of the ingredients you will probably have at home.You will need:

  • 1 avocado -The avocado's outer skin should have a brown colour when you buy it not green.This enables it to be easier to use in the process of making your mask.
  • Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil -or any oil but this oil works best for nourishment and shine.
  • An egg yolk -this helps with nourishment ,shine and helps bind the mixture together,

The first thing you do is slice  the  avacado in half ,this is quite tricky as the pip in the middle is in the way.Then you use a spoon to scoop out all the avacado into a bowl.Using that spoon or a fork mash up all the avacado till its quite brown or green  looking and a smooth consistancy ,add the two tbs of oil and mix in with the egg yolk.You should use this straight away as the mask will go off easily.Then apply the mask through your hair , the main focus for me is my ends and some of my scalp.But generally I apply it to my whole head.The avocado I once used was green and it was too fresh to mash so my avacado mask wasn't smooth and it kept falling out my hair because it didn't stick so I leave the avacado in the cupboard for a couple of days before I use it.Do leave this mask on for around 20-30 minutes or even longer if you wish.Wash off normally wish shampoo and conditioner,but try to lather rinse and repeat with the shampoo so you can get the oil out.I can guarantee that if you use this remedy about once a week for a month or so your hair will be in great condition and will be growing a lot more faster.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oil Treatments :Olive oil,Coconut Oil

Hi guys,this post is on some  hair care tips involving oil.You can buy many shampoo's which contain nourishing oils in them that can add moisture to your hair.However,using natural oil can help nourishment aswell as growth.The best oil for hair is coconut oil.This can be baught in any oil section in a local supermarket.All you need is a small amount in your palm at a time in which youre going to rub into your scalp .Keep adding more till your hair is provided with oil from root to tip.(Do not soak).This is not a very attractive look as the oil will make youre hair very greasy.But all things come at a cost so I tend to do this on the night before im going to have a shower.Just before I go to bed I follow the steps above.Then I braid my hair and place a towel on my pillow for  less breakage of my hair.In the morning I go in the shower and wash out all the oil .This will probably need a rinse and repeat .There willl need to be a lot of lathering involved.Try to keep the shampoo on for longer than usual so the oil will get out your  hair more easily.Once conditioned and dried you will see an amazing shine and feel softness in your hair .You can also use olive oil.Just don't use cooking oil.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Perfect brunette sleek balm

Hi guys,this is just a short review today on color shine sleek balm.It is a clear serum that is used on blow dried hair to add shine and  de-frizz . It brings out the color in your hair whether natural or coloured .(There are also other colors to chose from.)The price for a 150ml bottle is less than £4 in a drugstore.However this product isn't found in all stores.

Directions for use: Apply a 5p- depends on hair length, size amount of serum to the palm of your hand and run your hand down from the scalp to the ends.Repeat till hair is no longer frizzy.Don't use too much as your hair may become greasy and sticky .
Overall I would give this product 3 out of five stars as it works for what it says but  I probably could find something better.I will try and find a similar product that would make it quite soft.Serums in general tend to make my hair feel sticky so I prefer not to use them .Different people get different results from the products so this product may help your hair.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Heat defence and GHD spray

Hi guys, this post is on heat protectants I am using at the moment.Straightening , curling , and drying can cause alot of damage to our hair.Too much of it can also result in hair loss.Check out my hair loss prevention review too !The average person sheds up to 100 hairs a day .On top of that we lose extra hair through using hair appliances. We all like styling our hair however everything comes with a consequence , so here is a cure.
Always use some sort of  heat defense spray or serum when styling  .This will stop the hair getting damaged by the heat as it protects your hair from heat exposure. I have a GHD thermal protection spray that I've been using before I blow dry and starighten . It can be used on dry or damp hair , however I prefer to leave the spray to soak in my hair and leave my hair overnight to dry naturally.The spray also smells very nice and adds shine.

So my GHD Spray finished :(. I've found a decent hair spray called Expertise. Its from the Superdrugs own range and costs £2.99 for a 300 ml bottle.Though its cheap it works well. .It also smooths frizz and adds shine.It prevents the hair from becoming brittle and dull and it contains some vitamins and minerals which are great for keeping your hair healthy .

VO5 Nourish me truly

Hi guys,If your looking for a hair nourishment conditioner that strengthens hair  and  gives it some shine ,restores and softens, then VO5's Nourish me truly range is the treatment for you.It is very good value for money as it repairs damaged hair and makes it  more manageable.

Directions for use : Apply a relevant size of nourish me truly conditioner onto your palm, work conditioner through hair to ends , don't start managing the conditioner from the roots as this will result in a greasy scalp.With what little remains on your hands do a quick swipe on the scalp to add shine and soften.Leave on for three to five minutes.

If the product is left on for longer the results can be  even better.I left the conditioner in my hair for a whole hour for a deep conditioning.And after an hour I wash out the conditioner which leaves me with really healthy looking hair .


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