Monday, 11 May 2015


I'm bringing you a haul today actually from last nights purchases.It's a bit mix-matchy but all things that i wanted to try .First off Selfridges...

I decided to get some wide  Ghd straighteners as my narrow ones take me such a long time to straighten my hair because it's so thick .This kit came with  gifts :  sectioning clips, a paddle brush and Ghd heat protectant spray. 
So my mum actually bought these gladiator Sandles but i just think these are SO cute and had to blog them.I just seem to  have an attraction to anything  Rose Gold ,i'll definitely be pinching these from her when it comes to Summer. 

Zara - £28.99

QUIZ -£19.99

QUIZ -£14.99

h&m -£12.99
I guess there really is no way for me to actually successfully take a picture of clothing i bought and them not look slightly deformed .So i managed to track down some of the clothing items online .I've gone for quite casual ,yet chic  jersey items -just something i can throw on for college days. 

Freebies ! This month there's a gift at Estee Lauder where if you pruchase two skincare items you get this Lisa  Perry gift set.It consists of a makeup remover, a moisturuiser,bb cream , a night repair serum, lipstick, mascara, a Cream gloss and a cute makeup bag. 

I haven't stepped foot in to Claires for a few years, but i did so yesterday  to get  a few accessories .

So that is all for this haul, hope you enjoyed reading :) 

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Exam season is on the way, in fact it's actually well underway. This fact terrifies me.Here's the lowdown.I'm currently studding Law, Religion + philosophy , English Language and German at college- i know, what was i thinking ?
 I guess everyone in the same boat as me right now understands the importance of these exams ,and this creates added stress.
I figure there's no way to stop stress entirely, it comes second  nature to us but there are definitely ways too soothe it.
I've learnt  that stressing gets you nowhere, it only leads you to prolong solving your root problems.Once you understand this yourself it will become easier for you to worry less about certain things and learn to accept whats happened or what will happen and think about how you can help yourself. And it is easier said than done but no one issue should stop you from progressing in life, Anyway i'm getting off topic, i wasn't intending for a cliche, motivational speech or anything. Here  a few ways i like to stay relaxed and calm whilst at the same time feel prepared for exam season.

 1) Good sleep-
You'll hear this time and time again, and the fact won't change.You need  to have a great productive day in order for you to be able enough to get actual  revision done. And this requires a wide awake mind. I'm typically , all year round, an almost  nocturnal species.I hate sleeping before 10pm  which isn't ideal for the 6 o clock wake up call for college. But i always set myself the target of 9;30 pm for exam nights to give me the added energy.

2) Breakfast -
Breakfast is one of those meals i  habitually skip , unless its a Spanish omelet Sunday (those are quite common in my house). But come exam time, i always take the opportunity for extra fuel, whether its fresh made berry and banana  smoothies  or +weetabix and banana - i love banana as you can probably tell.

it's important not to become a couch potato - the type to be up-to your ears in revision notes and highlighter smears covering all perimeters of your face.Make sure to leave space in between revision for socialising, whether its to go for a walk as fresh air is so important, or chilling with friends and family. I tend to dedicate to two hours of proper revision and then give myself a break , and then start again later.It's your preference how long to spend revising, make sure its ample time for you to actually take in what you're learning , but  at the same time don't burn yourself out.

4) Books
I would always suggest reading a book to relieve  stress, it's like entering a world , where you are not the main person, and are not stressed for a period of time , further relaxing you. A personal favorite of mine - The billion dollar marriage contract .

5) Baths and massages 
These aren't necessary , but they are some added chocolate to your strawberry.As we all know baths are much more soothing than a shower, they're just gonna relax your muscles and you can just have some 'me time' if you have been feeling like revision has been taking over your life. 
I always go for a massage, as they tend to just hit the tense spots that  you can never get yourself , a little pamper - why not ?

6) Stay calm you're gonna be ok !
After time and time again of my parents telling ,me this I've finally started to believe them,I'll admit no work comes easy , you do have to work your arse off at times.but for the odd month of two is it not worth it in the long run ?Nobody likes exams, but it is just something we all have to go through.And if it inevitable , by stressing you  are just prolonging the inevitable.
Lastly , i'd just like to emphasise that you can ONLY try YOUR best. So with that in mind, i'll leave it to you , to follow my lead, and after i close down Blogger in a few moments , you should pick up a a pen , some paper , spider diagram,mindmap,key words, past papers, model answers , and do yourself so proud that the one  other thing reflecting your hard work other than your amazing grades will be your self gratification.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to everyone !<3 nbsp="" p="">

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Saturday, 7 February 2015


Today I've decided to do a favorites post on my top products I've been loving this month,I'm also hosting a giveaway for Farida B hair-care cosmetics so keep reading if you're interested !

I thought i'd give the Baby skin instant fatigue blur primer a shot ,  primarily because I wanted to try a new primer but i guess i also couldn't stay away as fruit scented cosmetics are my Achilles heel.Love this for how lightweight and brightening  it is, and of course the apricot scent!

With concealers I have two favorites, the first one is the Dior skin star Concealer- which I am so glad I purchased , i love how it is true to its word when it says it has a crease resistant formula.Which really helps to give a more natural look.This product is a godsend for brightening the under eye area and dark circles and the fact it doesn't  produce fine lines is so helpful!

A more affordable , everyday , yet just as good a concealer i've found is the Maybeline Superstay better skin concealer.This is a thicker formula  concealer than normal which only means it covers up the blemishes of your skin more thoroughly- something I need !What I love about this is how it doesn't feel too heavy at the same time and i can wear it alone with a little powder and still look blemish free.
 I like to set my makeup with the Mac studio fix powder foundation just because it gives extra coverage without looking cakey  and obviously you can just wear the powder alone  as it is a foundation mainly.

Creme eye shadows are my fave to work with because they're far more vibrant and easy to apply which is why I love the Maybeline Color tattoo eye shadow.I love this PINK GOLD shade as i think it's just such a naturally appealing color. 
Can ever go wrong with some false lashes, i got these called EYE CANDY and they're number 006 for thicker and fuller lashes. 

New look have a cute makeup collection  and I've been loving their Pure Apricot lipstick and lip liner as I think they're the perfect nudey- pink shade for my skin tone.They're really good quality and such a good price .
I've thrown in some Carmex for good measure. As my lips have been super chapped recently and this smells amazing .
The blackhead clearing daily scrub i have been using from clean and clear is one of the best face washes i have used for my skin. I haven't broke out with any spots or pimples (touch wood) and it leaves my face feeling super soft ,smooth and clean.

 For hair-care, I've  been using the Farida B cosmetics that  i was kindly sent by the company to try.They are a french company.First thing i noticed was how lovely and sweet the products smelled throughout the whole day.They are meant to reduce frizzi-ness  in the hair which for me it didn't entirely do.However , I loved  the serum ,as it made my hair  feel so soft and shiny  and smell amazing .You do get a bigger conditioner bottle than shampoo which is something i think more companies need to start doing as my  conditioner seems to always run out ages  before my matching shampoo ! Over all  great products, so if you'd like to give them a try enter my giveaway WITHIN THIS NEXT WEEK (will be starting today) to be with a chance of winning the whole full-size set.(200ml ,300ml,100ml)

I've also been  using the John Frieda full repair deep conditioner,As with all of john Frieda products , i can't fault this .It makes my hair feel so soft and repaired and  my damaged ends.
So i hope you enjoyed my favorites post !
thanks for reading 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

autumn favourites (cosmetics edition)

Hi everyone ! So it has been a while and i've got tons of things that i really want to share with you , so without further ado...

I'm aware it's been said plenty of times, but Autumn is probably THE HOLY GRAIL OF seasons, Whether its the pumpkin spiced latte you crave or the warm comfy layering of clothing you've grown to love there's really no other season to love more,I realise I'm too comfy to get up and prance around taking some selfies for a Autumn  look-book , so maybe I'll save that for another post, this only means that you get an insight into what is the plight of my life, deciding on the perfect foundation,
Now I couldn't list how many different foundations ive been using and mixing, who knows what types of concoctions ive been creating!.So typically , i've been mixing two , the Loreal Infallible Golden sun in the shade 260 and Sephora 10 hour wear perfection foundation in Clair light 23 ,both are definitely what I would call my genie in a bottle.
Next , I've been loving  Revolution's Redemption iconic 2  palette and the Ultra cover and conceal palette in Light .With the iconic 2 palette there are 12 highly pigmented shades and you've  definitely
got that variety , as there's six shimmer and 6 matte shades ranging from quite pale to neutral brown and blacks.
Also this Barrym lippy I nicked
from my sister in the shade 161  been loving. (ill provide a swatch for that below)
I picked up a set of three cute earrings from New look for £5 and this Victorias secret
Body mist with Shea essence luxurious kiss which has a really sweet girly scent i adore.
I haven't really needed to buy a face wash in a year which is crazy ,  but since I've been blogging I've always had spares that I'd been sent from companies and i  finished my last bottle so i went and bought Simples spotless skin tipple action face wash, it really does the job ,i don't have any particular problems with blemishes now since ive finished my Roaccutane course for Acne but i still get the occasional spot and this really does help.
I've also been using Mitchum antiperspirant , and the thing that i love about this product is that it actually works.I know winters coming , but i'm the type of person to use  antiperspirant ALL year round.
I also forgot to post ages ago about the Hairburst hair vitamins i was sent, I've heard and seen good things about this product and hopefully if i remember to take two a day I'll be seeing rewarding healthy long hair too.
Since this has turned into something like a favourites post  i cant help but add a book ive been loving this month,called Harvesting the heart by Jodi Picoult .
Oh , and i threw in some fluffy socks for good measure .
Thanks for reading !

Monday, 14 July 2014

Just fab

Hello everyone !
Today's  post is actually about a pair of Heels and  a Handbag I received from a  company called Just Fab. When the words heels and handbags are said aloud I can only picture every girls heaven because no girl can have too many shoes - or handbags for that matter.And to hear that you can receive both for the price of one, is a thought to make you crumble.
 When I  first joined as VIP at Just Fab  I was given an online personalised stylist and a quiz which enabled my choice of shoes to come up, I ended up choosing a black pair of heels because  blacks such a staple colour you can really wear and pair with anything and they can look really chic and fancy if you wear them right.

SIZE 5.5

They're quite tall, just over five inches and they're ok - comfortwise, all i can really say is that you want to make sure you choose the right size with these shoes exactly. I went with 5.5 rather than size 5 and ended up returning them for a size five because my feet kept slipping through due to the heighted angle.These heels cost £35 and there's currently an offer in place which i think is a complete  no brainer of when you buy one pair of shoes , you get a handbag for free ( of your choice).

I decided to choose this bag because I thought beige is a colour i lack in handbags so i asked for Fairmont -(I think it's called that anyway ).It's a great bag ,it's quite bulky so if you're on the hunt for a more intricate purse type bag , they have those too.

So just to clarify to you all, you choose a pair of shoes and choose a bag you like and at the end the price of the bag gets deducted and you only pay the payment of £35 for the shoes and a bag.

Thank you for reading !

*Sponsored review 

The Lip Product Addict Tag

Hi everyone!
So I'm not exactly an ADDICT however I do own my fair share of lippy's , and aren't lip products a must have nowadays ? I honestly love wearing lipsticks more than anything and love giving my lips  a vibrant pop of colour whether matte or shiny.I think with lip colour it can really reflect your mood , so it's a really fun step in my make-up routine for me. I've seen a few of these tags and thought it would be fun to do one myself so here goes.

                   1)Favourite balm /treatment 
I have a few favourites when it comes to lip balms and although they all probably contain the same soothing and healing formula , well it can't hurt to have a few !Between Maybeline's Baby Lips , my Eos Lip balm, Burts bees, and Carmex I love each and every ones distinct scent and if it where possible I would probably try and wear all of them at once ! But since I have to choose, my favourite would be Maybeline's baby lips , it's packaging is quite cute, it's great at hydrating and I have got a mini collection going on so why stop at  1 or two or 3 .
 Treatment wise , I guess the only treating I do prior applying any lip products is probably ex foliating my lips,this  makes my lips a whole lot smoother and apply s any lip product "properly"- I couldn't think of a word to describe how it goes on  !
         ____________________________________________________________________________            2) Best eye catching red 
One thing I'm sure I've got plenty of is " eye catching reds" , I love how vibrant reds are and absolutely love how much they can make your lips look so much more mature and fuller.All whilst giving a very dramatic , and STAND OUT look.
I'd have to say my most eye catching would be a toss-up between my MAC Brave Red and my MUA velvet look lip gloss. Both very bright and versatile, whereas Russian red is a creemsheen and MUA'S being quite matte.Whatever the consistency's they're definitely eye catching.

      3)Best luxury and Best Drug store 
To me whether luxury or drug store ,if the lippy  draws my fancy then I'm quite attracted , persuaded and encouraged to buy.I think it's  safe to say my collection of luxury lippy's in comparison to drug-store  is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But the most luxurious of them all would probably be my Lancome Labsolu nu .
whilst my best drug store lipstick would probably be my Rimmel Tutti Frutti/
_______________________________________________________________________________     4) The most disappointing 
Though I very rarely purchase a lippy that disappoints me , I have  discovered some aspects of certain lip products  that have made me use them less often.I don't usually go for lip glosses as they tend to be sticky and I prefer the  matte look so i feel this aspect of lip-glosses disappoint me .The No7 moisture drench lipstick in iced pink is probably one lipstick I'm not too much of a fan of, the colour is way too pink for my skin tone and not to  my tastes.
________________________________________________________________________________ 5)Liner -yes or no
I'm yet to purchase one ! However I think it's a good idea for red lipsticks as they can tend to smudge and lining the lip can make the lips look a little more plump and stand out more.
___________________________________________________________________                             6)Best Gloss
As I previously mentioned I'mm not a great fan of glosses however I do have a collection from my more girlier days , but if I had a favourite it would be the Bobbypin tars.

   7) Something extra !
 When you start to build a collection of lip products you end up neglecting some , and when typing up this post I came across a cute little number 05 from the Rimmel Kate moss collection - which i do remember being one of my favourites at a time.I don't usually
buy makeup from Barrym, but i did pick up a nice coral number 147 lippy ,it's a cute shade and i feel like it has a nice consistency.

Thanks for reading ! 
 What are your fave lip products ?
Comment , comment , comment 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Victorias Sercret Fragrances and Calvin Klein Ck In 2U

Hi everyone ! 
Today i thought I'd do a post on my favourite smelly's ! As girls , we know just how to pamper and prime ourselves ,one way in which we do this is by fragrance.We often hear of fragrances that "entice " and "seduce ", however nothing really beats the comfort of being complimented on how good you smell.
I was on the hunt for a good old bra at Victorias secret when I came across a whole new world of female paradise, that being the fragrance section. It was like a whole separate shop just for smelly's , I'm sure you can already sense my excitement at the sight.After a very prolonged period of searching for the right bra I found myself heading  in the direction of  yet another ordeal ; "5 body sprays for £30" - it was a no-brainer bargain.

Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist  -VS
Sugared Lilac Fragrance Mist -VS
Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist-VS
Such  a flirt Fragrance Mist-VS
Alice +Eliza Body Mist -M&S
After a very hard decision I ended up choosing four sprays for myself and one to give away as a gift.I chose Sugared Lilac - a very sweet , florally scent .Tropical Nights -fresh berries &hyacinth, which is more "tropically" and a little less sweet but very refreshing.Pure seduction -with red plum & Freesia this I find is a very mature scent , but still sweet and very strong. Such a flirt - which smells quite similar I think to Sugared lilac in the way its quite fruity and florally.And Hello Darling - which I actually don't have a review on as I gave it away as a gift, what I can remember was that it was very fruity and limey  like the others but was my least favourite out of the five as it wasn't as sweet .
In the picture you'll also see a bottle from Alice + Eliza which is the Amber &black plum body mist -its quite sweet and delicate at the same time. It's very refreshing  and quite a simple scent.

Calvin Klein Ck In 2U
My next smelly review is the Calvin klein Ck In 2U perfume. I really like the bottle packaging and love the smell. It's definitely more spicy that sweet but there's still a hunt of "floralness" in there. I've sprayed it in my hair a few times - just cos  I know it stays a while and I've been complimented about the fragrance a few times - which is always a plus ! I got this as a gift but I think at 100 ml's in the Perfume shop it's £15.00.
Thanks for reading ! What are your fave  smelly's ? 
Iqraa xxx

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hi everyone !
 So I'm back to the blogging world now the worst of my GCSE'S  and the school year  is  over .It's  been a long time and I'm glad to be back doing something i really enjoy. Since it's coming to the end of May , I thought I'd do a review on   my most loved products this month so without further or do...

Got2b Oil Licious styling oil
Boots -£3.00

 I've been through that painstaking process  that we all go through , of trying to keep my hair as soft and frizz free as possible .I've tried many things, but none better than oil.So this months favourite  is definitely the Got2b oil-licious tame & Shine Styling Oil.It is for me , heaven in a bottle.It's got argon oil in it , and generally I use it after washing my hair , near the ends of my hair and  just  and after drying my hair to tame frizz and give it a good nourishing shine . Both my sister and I have been using this product for a few months because we  absolutely love  how it feels and helps our damaged hair and it's definitely a  staple part of our hair routine now.

MAC Soft and Gentle (picture doesn't do any justice !)
MAC -£22.00

I did a swatch just to show you how it actually looks as the actual highlighter looks deceiving on camera !
 With make-up I've  got four favourites this month.The first is the  MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish.The natural glow look has been very in this time of year and I think that it's just a really nice look to have whether you make it dramatic for a night out , or just natural looking for a day out to the beach.I got this highlighter because I  felt it looked more natural to my skin tone compared to Lightscapade but when i do want a more up-lighted dramatic look it  can be achieved with this highlighter.I think i prefer using a powdered highlighter to a liquid , but I'm contemplating also trying the Benefit High beam highlighter.

MaxFactor Panstick -£6.99
Loreal True Match foundation- £9.99
Loreal Volume Million Lashes- £10.99

 Another product I've loved this month is the Maxfactor Pan Stik .Its's actually a sort of roll on Foundation stick .I love it because it hides any imperfections on my face ,it's got good coverage if you have   mild acne scarring ,marks or redness.What I really love about  his product is that it feels like satin on the skin, which is always something that i appreciate with foundation.I got the cool copper in the shade 14 which is a very tan / bronzed colour - mainly because i wanted to use it on the cheekbone area for a  sort of  tanned contour.
   Loreal is a brand I've never used before this month  and when I tried the products I was really happy with the results. The Loreal True Match foundation is definitely till date  my favourite  foundation, it's coverage is really good and it also feels and sets really nice on the skin.It's not cakey at all, it hardly looks like it's there while getting rid of any imperfections.
 The second Loreal product I'm loving is the Volume Million Lashes mascara.I have received many compliments about  the length and thickness of my lashes when wearing this mascara. And I love how  dramatic-ly fuller it can make your eyes look.It's just got a standard barrel brush but it's formula is impeccable in the way that  I can't fault it  or ask any more of it.

Make-up tools are vital for me ,the real techniques as I'm sure many of you will agree  are really great at applying  make-up and the bristles  hardly ever shed. This month I've loved pulling off smokey eyes using the eye brushes and  also achieving a more natural blended  look with the face brushes.But it  is thanks to my wonderful best friends for buying me these brushes for my birthday ! MWAH!XO


 I thought I  should also do a May favourite for books , since I've been reading a lot since most of my exams  are over.And one book I've  enjoyed reading this month is The Fault in our stars by John Green. I think its a lovely book  despite it  making me  OVERLY EMOTIONAL and I'm excited to see the film !

Thank you for reading my lovelies ! Leave me links to your May / June favourites as I would love to read them !
Iqraa xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick -shade 101 +swatches

Hi guys , so it saddens me to say that i'm on hold from the bright pinks and tempting reds when it comes to the lippy.I found it was making em look a lot older than I am, and though this didn't bother me too much my mum had a difference in opinion.Red has always been my favorite color  and I guess that's just what drawed me to them at the store.I think we can all agree that the revitalising reds  are the most appealing and eye catching when it comes to lippy's.And for nearly a year now , the pale ,nude and pinks have just looked way too dull for me.

However I have gone for a complete new look make-up wise , a more subtle , natural look is what I'll now be sporting as I have realised it suits me better and makes me look a suitable age.Especially since my skin is on the darker side of fair and almost brown,natural definitely works better.

After a long time lurking through the aisles of +Loreal,+Max Factor ,+Sleek,+Rimmel ,+Maybeline etc the  brand I ended up getting my lipstick from was +Rimmel. Now some of my more keen readers will know that I have used the Kate Moss collection lipsticks a lot in my time. Burt they have always been bright pink.So this subtle , pale tone of pink is definitely something new for me.It's  shade 101 ,Rosetto Rouge  and is the Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate.It's a matte lipstick which is what I wanted as I'm not too keen on glossy , shiny lips.It's not as moisturising as I would like it , in fact it is a little bit drying which is kind of disappointing.

And so here's a little swatch for you .Its looking a little on the shinier and more pinkier side in this light than in reality.So I would recommend just applying a little tester swatch when you next go to +Boots as the camera image here , really doesn't do it any justice.

So what do you think ? Team bright or Team natural ?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Caseapp personalised iphone case >UNBOXING

Hi guys , it may have been a while since I last posted but I've got so much in store for you.So as you may remember I was kindly given the opportunity by +Caseapp to review one of their funky iphone cases.
+Caseapp is a website which specialises in personalised  iphone cases and skins.They are really cute memorabilia and the collages you can make are a real nifty idea.So I figured I'd make mine for my mum and so uploaded a load of pictures of the family onto the website. This procedure helped me see how fantastic the phone case looked with pictures and text and i could rearrange, move ,tilt and all that jazz .

About a week later I received the case at my doorstep.Obviously it was how i'd expected and my mum absolutely loved it . Everyone kind of looks at it and thinks it's a really sweet idea.So it's rather unique and stands out.The case is pretty simple ,it is only a hard back case with the sides so there is a chance of damage if the phone was to fall face flat .But let's slap on a screen protector and hope for the best with her helpless butter fingers ! The quality of the printout is very good , the case is strong and heardwearing . However I did find that in  few places the case has been scratched at when placed on a  surface and I think this is probably due to the fact that there isn't any protective film on top of the case.Anyway it's not too visable.
So how does the idea sound to you ?I would thoroughly recommend buying one of these cases you can personalise yourself as it's always been said " the best gifts are , the ones homemade".If you're up for having a tweak or buy follow the link >>> * *
COST <£19 -INC delivery >

Monday, 25 March 2013

CASEAPP. Trendy Iphone cases !

Hi everyone , as you can see it's a " long time no see" post today.Which is actually going to  be on more of an accessory than a product. And for all you iphone trendy users out there , I have something great ins tore for you .So  I was on the hunt for a new iphone case ,nothing tacky , bedazzled and cheep.Something hard wearing and practical but stylish all at the same time. And I came across a lovely website called This website allows you to create an iphone case for both iphone 4/4s and iphone 5. They create cute little kind of collage, memoir type of phone cases. The great thing about this website is you can upload the pictures you want and re-size and tilt them to how you want them .Add text , and background too.I think overall they can make a cute gift for anybody with a love for pictures.It's  really a quick , easy and simple task to carry out. The phone case costs £19 and delivery is always free too.I really am excited and can't wait to get it ! I think you should go check out the website ,and have a play with your pictures and you might like what you see.Keep reading for a post on how the actual accessory turns out.
 I just think some of the ideas are really clever and cute, these are some of the most popular artistic ones.

No worries iphone caseFly High iphone caseVintage girl iphone casePersueCrystalsFlower Power iphone case


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